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  1. Neil

    Kick Pedal 'Flutter'

    First off..happy New Year all. Best wishes for 2012. I've read through a few posts here regarding kick pedal spring tension and I have played around lot trying to dial out this problem/annoyance. TBH I'm not sure if it is a problem but it's really annoying me anyway. I'm suffering from a...
  2. Neil

    Missing that...something

    Hey guys, Is having a groove something that can be practised, or is it something that you just have.. Michael Schumacher is an outstanding F1 racer, statistically the 'best' there ever has been, Ayton Senna though, was the greatest F1 driver..he had that 'something' I'm Missing that...
  3. Neil

    Odd Weighted Cymbal

    My 19" Standard A Custom seems to rest on the cymbal stand at angle. The stand was perfectly flat and level yet, the cymbal was rest with an obvious lean to the left. Tried another stand, same thing. In A1 condition and sounds great, I shouldn't be worried about it right?
  4. Neil

    Difficult Recording Session Ahead

    Hey guys, I'm supposed to be recording tomorrow, it's a fairly laid back affair but I do have some gripes as I feel I've been put in abit of an awkward/potentially embarrasing position. The date has been booked for about 2 weeks, maybe 3 I can't quite remember however I insisted that we...
  5. Neil

    New Heads, Aquarian

    hey guys, I recently decided to broaden my horizons and try out some new Tom heads. I used to always use Coated G2's over G1s on my 13" and 16" toms I couldn't ever get them to sound good from where I was sitting, so I always had some trepidation when playing on them. Now, in their...
  6. Neil

    Took time out to study

    Phew, well I just completed my CCNP I've barely practised for 2.5 months and have been avoiding this site like the plague! (It's far too easy to while away the time here) Now it's back to sorting out a drumming regime again!
  7. Neil

    Mikkey Dee

    I love this drum solo I can't work out if the point from 20secs till 30 secs is singles on doubles? I guess Mikkey Dee/Motorhead aren't a band that would reach the same heights as others, I kinda like that though, you can go to a show and actually...
  8. Neil


    has anyone used this website? There are two snare drums on there, that I'm quite interested in however, I haven't ever shopped there before? What are your personal experiences?
  9. Neil

    Marriage is all about compromise..

    This gave me a chuckle this morning when I asked my wife to be the below question. Me - I'm thinking about getting a new Drum kit WTB - Are you out of your mind?????????????????? Good old compromise..
  10. Neil

    Stage Etiquette

    Hi Guys, When the band and I are on stage I occasionally get the over emphasised mouthing of 'Faster' or 'Slower'...or on some occasions both from different band members....which is..confusing. Which personally I find embarrasing and not very professional. I've mentioned this at meetings...
  11. Neil

    Acoustic kit advice for anti acoustic band mates

    Hi Guys, This is a semi-moan/plee for advice thread My bandmates are putting the screws on me to use an electric kit for all gigs after using one for a small gig we did last week. They're angle, which I semi agree with, is that the volume level is far more controlled and we were not...
  12. Neil

    An unexpected Bonus

    Just thought I'd mention my experience with Hudson Online. I've been using the Hudon on demand catalogue to download a couple of drum DVD's. I currently own Aaron Spears, 'Beyond the Chops' and Tommie Igoes 'Great hands for a lifetime' Hudson asked me to complete a survey with the promise...
  13. Neil

    What a difference

    I have a Mapex Pro M kit. The kick, which until recently had a combo of a 22" Coated Ambassador and a Evans eq3. Just swapped the Ambassador for a Powerstroke 4 clear (not interested in using the falam patch thing that came with it) and it's seriously come alive now, so much boom and presence...
  14. Neil

    Coheed and Cambria

    Guys, I have 2 tickets to sell for a Coheed and Cambria gig on the 24th (Thursday) at the HMV forum in London. I can't make this now, only asking for the cover price of the tickets. PM if you're interested. Cheers
  15. Neil

    Instrument Insurance

    Hey Guys, Has anyone got any recommendations for policy providers in the UK? I'm unable to keep my kit in my apartment, not enough space, limited access etc.. so it gets stored in a garage that is in a block of garages. I don't have content insurances for my flat, I've gone the self cover...
  16. Neil

    Jumping/Standing on the bass drum

    Hey guys, The guys in my band have been chatting on how to improve the stage show of our gigs. Along with all the other suggestions of banter between songs, crowd participation etc. I suggested that if the singer or any other member would like to jump off my kick then go ahead. Has anyone...
  17. Neil

    Mapex Pro-M

    I finally got around to taking some snappies of my kit. Nothing special here, it's a kit that I doubt I'll ever need to replace, sounds nice and punchy and I still like it. Specs: Mapex Pro-M 2005 in Cherry Fade 22" Kick 13" Rack 16" FT Evans EC2 Batters, G1 reso's on the Tom...
  18. Neil

    Life Inspirations

    I just wanted to hear about who people are inspired by, not necessarily in a musical/drumming sense but on a life aspect. So for me, Ayrton Senna, not because I want to be an insanely fast F1 driver but because is mentality. He was very hard working and dedicated yet very inquisitive. He...
  19. Neil

    First Experience of a live Orchestra

    On Saturday (3rd April) I went to see Star Wars in Concert, I was slightly apprehensive about it, I'm not a huge Star Wars fan but my Mum is a die hard fan so I went along and my god I was totally blown away by Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. My first experience of a live Orchestra it seriously...
  20. Neil

    Kick Drum Chair

    Hi Guys, I'm moving in with my girlfriend in a few weeks so we're both pretty excited and a little nervous anyways, I'm planning to make some furniture for the apartment, so my question is has anyone seen/made a chair out of an old Kick Drum. Method: I've got a poplar kick drum...