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  1. Lee-Bro

    Picked up a DW Workshop series BNOB, could use info.

  2. Lee-Bro

    Looking forward to a heavy rain...for once.

    We had the basement water-proofed back in December with perimeter drain, sump (with backup pump and battery), and wall barrier. I can't refinish the basement until we have a very heavy rain to fully test and ensure the system works. Fortunately the company which did the work has a lifetime...
  3. Lee-Bro

    Smaller diameter tom deeper than the succeeding tom...

    I have a 12x9 mounted tom and found a 13" tom for sale. However, it's 13x8. I think I can probably get past it looking weird. Is anyone using a set up similar to that: where the larger diameter tom is shorter than the smaller diameter? Thoughts on sound?
  4. Lee-Bro

    Do you control your own stage mix?

    I've seen several drummers' live setups where there's a good sized mixer next to/near the hi-hats. I always wonder if they're controlling their own stage mix (of the other musicians) rather than relying on the sound engineer to make adjustments, are they adjusting just the drums in their mix, or...
  5. Lee-Bro

    List of 100+ jazz standards

    Reading through this thread about "Jazz Drumming Advise" - and the thread "What 10 jazz songs..." -
  6. Lee-Bro

    Adjusting edge pads on Yamaha Multi12 to same response as other pads.

    Someone posted an easier way to reprogram the edge triggers on an M12 to be as responsive as the 6 larger square pads. It was a straightforward write-up that's easier to understand than the Yamaha manual. I did it on my M12 and then last year, I unwittingly did a factory reset and lost the...
  7. Lee-Bro

    The nuts and bolts of storing cymbals...

    ...sorta. Sorry for the click bait. ;-) Back in the 80s, I bought a set of Sabian B8 cymbals and they bundled together with a nylon nut and bolt through the mounting holes. I kept that nut & bolt for many years until it was lost. My basement remodel and wanting to figure out a way to keep...
  8. Lee-Bro

    Ambassador weight Colortone heads may not be too far off.

    I emailed Remo about Colortone in Amb. weights and this is the response I rec'd: I don't know what level of interest they'd need to actually make it happen, but I did ask about that and possibly pre-sale in a follow up email.
  9. Lee-Bro

    Lighten your already lightweight DW double tom stand.

    The base of the DW 7000 single braced cymbal stand accepts the top of the DW3000 lightweight double tom holder. The cymbal stand base is on the right in the photo below. The base for the actual double tom stand is on the left (with a single tom arm installed). The 7000 cymbal base expands to...
  10. Lee-Bro

    Looking to trade for a MalletKat

    As the title says, I'm looking to trade for a MalletKat. Primary offering is a new in boxes, Gretsch Renown 2 in black lacquer: 10, 12 toms, 14 floor, 20" kick. Never set up. I have other things to possibly trade if the RN2s don't do it for you/someone. I have a set of DW Collector's shells...
  11. Lee-Bro

    Article: "A life behind drums: Hal Blaine, the most recorded studio percussionist in history."

    Article link: - From the article: Mike Botts, the drummer of the Bread, commented on this matter by saying “Every studio I went to in the late sixties, there was a rubber stamp imprint on the wall of the drum booth that said, ‘Hal...
  12. Lee-Bro

    Help IDing my beater stencil kit from the 60s/70s

    I rec'd this kit about 27 years ago from a friend. It's obviously had the original wrap removed, which was tacked on -you can see some of the tack marks in one of the photos. There are no badges on the kit. No logos on anything. The only marking is "Japan" on the tom mount. I'm thoroughly...
  13. Lee-Bro

    It's not all bad news in the musical instrument industry - Sweetwater hits $1 billion revenue

    Article - From the article: In addition to the growth in revenue, the company also added to its workforce throughout the year with...
  14. Lee-Bro

    Article - Carmine dishes on getting fired from Ozzy's band.

    OP note: the article's editing and format leaves much to be desired. “She goes, ‘You’ve seen Tommy Aldridge hanging around? Well, he’s starting the tour on Monday. You’re fired.’ ‘What do you mean I’m fired? I have a contract with you. Fired? Why I am fired?’ Carmine added: “She says, ‘Your...
  15. Lee-Bro

    Converting traditional drum set to a cocktail kit?

    I'm thinking about converting my extra 16x13, 14x11, 12x9, and 10x8 into a cocktail kit, modeled after the Tama JAM format, where the bass drum is bigger than the floor tom. My question is though: what do you think of using regular sized toms, rather than shallow toms, in this situation?
  16. Lee-Bro

    Cymbal prices creeping up.

    If you've noticed and wondered why cymbals have been getting a bit more pricey, especially in the used market where prices/values are holding a bit more than in recent years, here's a 1-year pricing trend. At the close of business yesterday, copper was trading @ $3.63/pound on the commodities...
  17. Lee-Bro

    And you thought the Dave Grohl snare was bad...

    Gotta love the bots.
  18. Lee-Bro

    Article: Concert Industry lost $30 billion

    Link - Be sure to click the link in the article to the Pollstar reports. They make for some interesting reading. I'm still working my way through them.
  19. Lee-Bro

    Help identifying Ludwig drum finish

    My guess is this is a version of Blue Oyster Pearl, but I'm not 100% sure. If someone could correctly identify this finish, I'd appreciate it.
  20. Lee-Bro

    Cymbal bag for 17" hats?

    Pinging @Bo Eder and others who use 17" hats: I'm looking for a gigging cymbal bag that has a pocket for the hats. I have a bag w/ internal dividers and prefer to use one w/ an outer pocket for hats. The closest I've found is this Paiste but the description says the pocket fits "up to 16...