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  1. Pkells94

    Some Nola Cats Swingin Out

    Little fowl language right at the beginning. Jazz was meant for the bars anyways!
  2. Pkells94

    New Orleans Club Scene

    Video from a few years back of a gig I got to play in NOLA. Band was killing, wonderful dudes to play with. Good vibes that night.
  3. Pkells94

    Have you ever stopped playing / practicing?

    Hey boys haven't posted in awhile, but thought I'd shoot this question out and see who else has done anything like this. I haven't really been shedding for the past year or so, pretty bad i know just don't have to desire to hit the shed. I still gig 2-5 times a week plus rehearsals and such but...
  4. Pkells94

    Organ Trio Plays Marvin Gaye

    Hey Guys, check out this new video of my group Organized Crime playing Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On?" Let me know what you think!
  5. Pkells94

    Big Band Swing! Loyola New Orleans Jazz Band - Red Snapper

    Here's a quick clip with my schools band swinging out on the shout chorus, love this arrangement!
  6. Pkells94

    David Garibaldi Recordings, besides TOP??

    Anybody have any recommendations for some DG recording where he isn't playing with TOP?
  7. Pkells94

    Tower of Power - Only So Much Oil In The Ground

    Hey boys, drum cam video of my group ORGANized Crime playing some TOP. Garibaldi is the man! Let me know what you think
  8. Pkells94

    Nola House Party Rock n Roll Sesh

    Played a wicked fun house show a few nights ago, my band Yard Dogs debuted a new song "On Through" give it a listen!
  9. Pkells94

    Tony Williams Brian Blade Philly Joe type ish three of my biggest dudes, trying get that sound
  10. Pkells94

    Sitting In with Nashville Country Band Yee haw!?

    Hey Fellas, got to play for a little in Nashville two weeks ago. Sat in with this great country band Was my second time in the city, love it there! Let me know whats up!
  11. Pkells94

    Swingin' out with Organ trio

    Hey Fellas, give my organ trio a listen:
  12. Pkells94

    Heavyweight Funk! New Orleans Groove Music - The Big Excuse

    Hey guys, haven't posted here in a little while but check out this video of my group from last Saturday. We got to open up for George Porter Jr. of the Meters. Let me know whats up fam! -PK
  13. Pkells94

    Golden - Jill Scott Cover

    Haven't posted a cover with my yamaha stage custom kit yet. Real fun jam to lay back with, I tried to get my snare to have that pop that Spanky's does on this recording. Lemme know whats up fam!!!
  14. Pkells94

    Old School Gospel in New Orleans

    Hey fellas, just a video of me playing in my church from a few weeks ago. Check it out and lemme know what's good!
  15. Pkells94

    The Fez Steely Dan Drum Cover

    Love this song, playing along to the vinyl take a listen
  16. Pkells94

    Swing! Moment's Notice Coltrane

    Playing along to one of my favorite records. That's actually the vinyl you hear in the background. Let me know what you guys think!
  17. Pkells94

    Alan Dawson book by John Ramsey (The Drummer's Complete Vocabulary)

    Hey guys does anyone have this book? I need to practice the exercise that starts on page 11 but i haven't been able to buy the book yet. I'm picking it up soon but would like to get started on this page. If anyone could send me a copy of it through e-mail or anything like that it would be a huge...
  18. Pkells94

    Best Snickers Commercial Ever

    Excellent..... i bet pet metheny loves this shit
  19. Pkells94

    New Orleans R&B Group

    Hey boys, just wanted to put up two videos of the R&B band I played in while I was at school in New Orleans. Let me know what you think! Compliments and criticism both appreciated. - Crazy Race by The RH Factor...
  20. Pkells94

    Philly Joe Jones Solo on Locomotion

    Took me a long while to learn this one. Philly is a monster!