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  1. RayI

    How and why do drummers elevate the front of the bass drum head off the floor?

    Exactly , have always elevated the front myself
  2. RayI

    'playing in the pocket'?

    Your in the zone....
  3. RayI

    What's your latest purchase?

    New to me but used ( 6 months old ) in brand new condition from a guy that upgraded so he didn't want them anymore. I paid $ 300.00 Ludwig Evo's black sparkle wrap finish he included the throne , this kit is much lighter than my Yamaha SC I use , I still love my SC. but I'll be using the...
  4. RayI

    Jamie2c's grip question. Please help him.

    Its possible , but not probable 1. Stop using those sticks and go with was working 2. Check your technique Good luck
  5. RayI

    When Buying a Used Kit

    I agree with above responses, in that it doesn't sound like your too thrilled about this purchase. If you do a cost analysis by time you buy this 5pc with no snare and all the other hardware , you'd be better off buying a new 5pc kit with snare that has bass drum mounted hardware for the toms...
  6. RayI

    New Kit: What to Look For When Delivered

    Well I'm sure everything will arrive shortly then , in the mean time you a new kit to put together 👍
  7. RayI

    New Kit: What to Look For When Delivered

    Then on paper you never got them ?
  8. RayI

    Suspended Muffling Bass Drum Hack - $0

    interesting concept , sounds better tuned low Thxs for the vid 👍
  9. RayI

    Somebody Should Buy This Kit

    Likewise , nothing comes up
  10. RayI

    Just in case you’re not playing enough bass drum:

    Hell I thought it said sextuplets
  11. RayI

    What's your latest purchase?

    I've also have the same pedal , and actually I like it alot
  12. RayI

    New Kit: What to Look For When Delivered

    A good friend of mine is a UPS regional transportation manager and the horror stories he tells me , just be cautious and Document everything
  13. RayI

    New Drum Kit Suggestion

    All the above ... Personally Yamaha SC
  14. RayI

    Fired for COVID/ Age

    Sorry to hear , shrug it off wasnt meant to be But groove on 🙂
  15. RayI

    Performance Reviews

    Go with the flow , a few bucks is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick
  16. RayI

    Your Tuesday morning smile :)

    Lol ...
  17. RayI

    Your Tuesday morning smile :)

    Would of better off with pie tins as cymbals
  18. RayI

    Has anyone ever felt like they need to hold onto the stick far up or all the way back?

    Soft Hi-hat half way up Normally about an inch up from the end of the stick Different strokes for different folks 😁