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    Where Do You Practice?

    Ive quite recently joined a band, so far there are only 3 of us (drums, lead and rythm) but its possible we may have found a bassist and a singer to join finally. At the moment, the 3 of us practice in our lead guitarists garage which he knocked down and rebuilt into a soundproofed studio room...
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    5-way Limb Independance

    Hey Guys, Just stumbled across this earlier and thought some people may find it useful :) Enjoy.
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    Dylan Elise at 16

    No doubt this video has probably been posted up a few times now since its so old but, this guy just blows my mind every time i watch this video for some reason, especially considering hes only 16 at the time! Almost like a young Buddy Rich :)
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    Cover Songs.

    I joined a band a little while ago and things have definately been going great, and since joining ive definately noticed a gigantic leap in my playing, but lately, we all seem to have been noticing weve kind of plateaud on our creative song writing, so, much to their annoyance (they hate he idea...
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    OH NO!! I was planning on buying a new 7piece Mapex Saturn with a set of 6 cymbals from a local music store called Rockbottom near where i live, but its been raided and looted in the current riots going on in the London borough! I doubt those brain-dead, jobless thugs can even play any musical...
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    I would like to take a moment to talk about one of my most influential drummers who seems to have never had much recognition and is such a great guy! I only started playing the drums 2 years ago and have been completely self taught through DVD's/books and online videos and this guy was the...
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    Guitar Hero World tour on Roland Kit!

    Firstly, sorry but i wasnt entirely sure what section to post this in so its gone into generals lol. So i managed to hook up my Roland TD9KX to Guitar Hero World Tour on the Xbox 360 and arranged the MIDI to the correct heads and actually played along to it with my own kit! I realized, apart...
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    Zildjian ZXT Pro Performance Pack

    Hi, I am currently saving and planning to buy a new drum kit soon, i currently use a Roland TD9KX but have craved the size and feel of a real kit for a while now. I dont have a massive budget and found a pack of Zildjian cymbals for a very reasonable price at -...