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    Change from Ambassador to Black Dot?

    So I have been looking for a change. I really like the sound of some YouTube videos with black dot heads, especially Steve Smith. They seem more musical and more of a defined note / tone. In my head my ambassadors (top and bottom / clear) sound a little muddy now. Anyone else using these on...
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    bass drum reso head

    Right now I have nothing in or on the kick drum except for the Remo Powerstroke. For a while I was leaning a pillow (!) on the reso head (outside the drum) to cut some ring down (only at home). I am thinking about cutting a strip from an old towel and running it against the had from the inside...
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    drum tuning?

    This may be a stupid question. I find that after a few months of hard playing my drums dont tune up all that well just by fine tuning the head tension. I find that I get the best sounding toms by removing the top and bottom head and starting from scratch (using the same heads - ambassadors top...
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    Paiste 14" 505 green table heavy Hi Hats?

    Back in 88 I picked up a used set of these hats. Used them forever until I picked up 13" new beats. I have read these are essentially Rude Hi Hats. I am going to play them again today. what does the collective think of these hats?
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    New 10" splash? what type?

    Hi. I was looking for a used A Zlidjian 10" splash. Picked this up from Ebay for $40. I want to make sure this is not an older A custom but just the basic A Zildjian model. Thoughts? I think it was a good deal if it is indeed an A model. Thanks
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    Remo CS Black Dot shortage?

    Looking to get some 6" and 8" Black Dot heads for my new DW Design Series Concert Toms because, well Neil Peart. But they seem to be out of stock. Is Remo killing these sizes off?
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    New DW 7000 Double Pedal

    Just picked up a new DW 7000 double pedal from GC. Paid $200 for it. It is replacing a PDP pedal I picked up 12 years ago or so for $100. Its solid and soo heavy. But I have to say, the action blows away the old PDP. I never realized how much a good pedal can help your playing. My single...
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    Concert Toms

    Picked up a pair of DW concert toms. Sweetwater Link They sound awesome! 6" and 8" maple satin black. They complement my set nicely! (Hairline Black Tama Imperialstar with 8/10/12 toms and 16" floor tom). I have them tuned way up and they have a ton of crack and good volume for gigging...
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    Mounting crash to bass drum?

    All, looking to mount my crash on the tom holder for my Tama Imperialstar (Poplar 7mm shell I think). Its a 16" A Zildjian rock crash. Would / could this damage the shell at all? Thanks.
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    HiHat Spring Tension

    I have a new HHT stand that came with my Tama Imperialstar. It is the double braced stage master. It seems to be the same as the iron cobra 205 but without the adjustable spring tension. I am happy with the hi hat but would like a bit more spring tension. When I add the hi hat cymbal the rod...
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    cranking it up? Damage to bearing edge?

    Anyone ever ruin a bearing edge by cranking up the snare? I dont have it too tight but always worry about this.
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    Buyers remorse? A custom 10" splash

    So I don't have time to hunt around music shops to find the perfect cymbal. I spend a lot of time listening to sound files on youtube. Last week I picked up a 10" A custom splash. Its ok ... a bit thin and wispy / washy. I was looking for a more cutting splash (I do have an older A...
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    Sabian HHThin China

    Getting ready for a gig tonight and was playing a bit with the band. I have an 18" china that I picked up used in ~1990 .... 18" Sabian HHThin china. This thing sounds awesome. Any info on this line of cymbals? Thx
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    Ping Ride or Paragon ?

    Looking for some advice. Disclaimer I am a huge Peart fan. I picked up 13" New Beats last month and I am really enjoying them. Great for an all around hihat. Looking to get a real ride (currently have a 20" HCS and its the best ride I have ever owned - played an 18" CB 700 "Solare"?? ride...
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    new 13" New Beats (new to me!)

    Just picked up a set of 13" new beats from eBay for $145. Anyone know about when these were made? Thx.
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    bass drum tuning tip?

    I have a Remo PS3 with nothing else in the drum. It still sounded a bit too open for me. I stuffed a pillow up next to the batter head but that was way too much. So yesterday I added a pillow on the outside next to the reso head, and the kick sounds awesome! A ton of punch but has some life...
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    my new tom!

    My new tom. Special order from Sweetwater. Took about 6 weeks. Sounds awesome! Has a Neal's closed concert tom sound from hold your fire (its 7x8) but looks awesome with the kit. (The Whole kit is imperial star hairline black). 8,10 and 12 toms with a single 16 floor tom.
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    My New Kit

    Hello. New to the forum. Been drumming since 1986. Had a CB700 kit all through jr/sr high school and college and played out every week on those things. Amazingly they held up through it all. Not the greatest HW or shells but it all seemed to work. Then I got into the electronic setup with...