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    The reason for the Gretsch sound?

    I used to put 2mm triple-flanged hoops on my 4157, and the basic tone remains unchanged. To me it's mostly the thin but rigid shell, with sharp but not steep bearing edges, and (on my vintage copy at least) very deep snare beds with 42-strand wires.
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    Vintage Zildjian Avedis Rides

    Old thread but I feel my 20" vintage A sounds looser and lower-pitched than my 21" Armand.
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    Is it a bad idea to use grip tape?

    I used to use grip tapes, until I found that it caused excessive blistering. Now I just lightly sand my sticks to "satin" some of the lacquer. My pivot point happens to be about where the VF logo is, so I can do without such a confirmation.
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    Suggestions for batter heads

    Should be able to do G2 on bass too with a felt strip
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    Brass they sound better?

    No hardware change per se affects the sound to me. Well maybe if it holds tuning better, or provides better seating of snare wires, then I can definitely hear that :unsure:
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    To German grip? or not to German girip?

    I mainly play trad/French when I'm conscious about it, otherwise the right hand can go somewhere in-between. When I dabble in German occasionally I find I can "pull" the stick with my middle finger just like my trad left hand. So it's not just in the wrist, it's in the fingers too. ;)
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    New Ludwig Speed King

    Part of it is the cam assembly. There are two springs controlling forward and backward motion, so once it gets past the balance point it contacts the other spring and dissipates part of the energy. Mine only rocks 3-4 times, but the rocker assembly itself easily rocks 10+ times (with springs...
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    Evans Hydraulic Heads

    These are the flatwound drum heads if you will. I bet they sound great on concert toms, but for normal toms I prefer laying a towel on a normal head for the "dead" tone
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    New Ludwig Speed King

    I have a vintage one that becomes rather smooth once I cleaned off the grease the seller had put all over the ball bearings. Been thinking of buying either a new this or a Rogers, and relegate the vintage one as a backup. I suppose the ball bearings will take it to even another level.
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    Zildjian S Family

    And snare drums
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    Best practice pad

    My Hun pad works great for rebound. Has a bit of noise too so you can really hear your chops. That said, I mainly use my Moongel pad nowadays. The rebound feels more like a non-cranked drum, and it's much quieter (which is good for a Tenement Funster like me :) ).
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    Looking for a wood snare

    I like my Ludwig Legacy for Roger Taylor fat (not the guy but his tone), Gretsch 4157 for a sharper "crack" that's still rich in fundamental.
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    About single pedal double kick,

    I have a rather weird technique playing doublets heel down. I can't really describe it, maybe the heel actually bounces up a bit between the strokes. I can so both strokes at the same volume or the first one louder (the second one as a grace note). I think I can do the second one louder too but...
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    What Makes Keith Moon a Legendary Drummer?

    His attitude. As for stylistic origin, I think someone (his daughter?) said that his chops came from Gene Krupa and other big band drummers. So maybe he actually was working hard, both on his playing and on his appearance of not working hard at all. 😂
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    Are Paiste Giant Beats and Paiste 404 the same?

    But then I check out the label of my favourite sound and proceed to buy more sizes and types from that label 😂
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    Fewer trees = few guitars. Maybe fewer drums in the future?

    Yamaha's attempt at planting and harvesting sustainable big-leaf mahogany at their own location could be the best of both worlds. Tried-and-true sonic AND environmental recipes. (y)
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    Fewer trees = few guitars. Maybe fewer drums in the future?

    IIRC many Japanese Yamaha kits were made of Hokkaido birch. It'd make sense to me that Chinese birch would actually be MORE similar to these, due to the climate, distribution of species, etc. Unless the marketing departments are talking about a different species altogether. :unsure:
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    Fewer trees = few guitars. Maybe fewer drums in the future?

    Or Fibreglass. Blaemire! :)
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    Fewer trees = few guitars. Maybe fewer drums in the future?

    I think most of these "environmental" trees are birch and poplar. A birch species similar to white birch is very common in Northeast China. In West China there's a special species of poplar that can grow in deserts - but I'm afraid that, due to harsh growing conditions, its wood (also the...
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    RTOM Gel Workout Pad

    I'm a trad/French grip (L/R) guy so my fingers don't completely go out of the equation. It does force you to pull up, and there's a lot more wrist involved in my diddles, especially my trad left hand. Also I feel like I have more control over it than my previous pad (a very bouncy Hun, which is...