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  1. Channing

    Appreciation to Alizee Defan for promoting women's drumming

    That’s great. In America it’s not really like that. Also, even regarding putting effort into practicing, I think a lot of times it’s harder for girls to put a ton of effort into an instrument or hobby because of differing expectations based on gender. I know in other places around the world...
  2. Channing

    Appreciation to Alizee Defan for promoting women's drumming

    Female drummers being referred to as female drummers is just a side effect of the fact that drumming is male dominated and is thought of as such. In the same way you’d hear someone referred to as a “male nurse” or a “male flight attendant” because these are both female-dominated and without...
  3. Channing

    Appreciation to Alizee Defan for promoting women's drumming

    Ohh there it is. Have a nice day.
  4. Channing

    Appreciation to Alizee Defan for promoting women's drumming

    I couldn’t disagree more. Just because there are a few female drummers who are well known doesn’t mean there aren’t still girls growing up with the idea that they can’t be drummers, or that certain activities are for boys, and girls shouldn’t or can’t be good at those things. Maybe it’s harder...
  5. Channing

    What is YOUR strongest quality or skill-set on the kit?

    This is an interesting question. I’ve never really thought about what my strengths are as a drummer. I guess I have pretty good dynamic control and ability to play quietly/ at an appropriate volume. The only compliments I’ve ever gotten from other musicians were mostly about being dependable...
  6. Channing

    All You Really Need Kits..

  7. Channing

    What are you listening to right now?

    I’ve been listening to a new band I found on Spotify called Just Neighbors. It’s math emo. Mostly instrumental but a couple of their songs have vocals. The drummer is really good.
  8. Channing

    Odd, Rare, Super-Advanced, Drum Books

    I have that book. It’s good, but it was supposed to come with online audio but the website has been shut down and now there’s no way to access it, which is disappointing.
  9. Channing

    Anyone else play mismatched hi hats?

    What makes a cymbal a "crash" or a "ride"? Is there some inherent qualities cymbals possess that make them one or the other? I know one drummer who uses an A Custom ride as a crash, and I wonder, what is the difference?
  10. Channing

    Your book collection

    I think it's a matter of learning style. Some people find it comes more easily to play by ear, but others are more visual learners. For me, a lot of times when I listen to songs, it's hard to replicate exactly what I'm hearing, but reading music comes much more easily. I remember when I was...
  11. Channing

    Best Method Book for Beginners?

    This thread is super old. Anyway, the book I used is called The Total Rock Drummer. I then gave it to a friend to use because he was also trying to learn the drums. We both had a good time with it. Idk if it’s the “best” book but it did the job.. I have a suspicion that there are a bunch of...
  12. Channing

    Anyone else play mismatched hi hats?

    My hi hats are 14". The top is Crescent Fat Hats and the bottom is Zildjian K Custom Dark. I have them because a drummer friend cracked the top of his K Customs and replaced the set, so he gave me the bottom, so I went to a local drum shop and tried all the tops they had with that bottom and...
  13. Channing

    Zildjian S Series

    I know this thread is pretty old, but I'm not the one who resurrected it. My first cymbals were Zildjian S. I honestly hated the ride and hi hats, and ended up replacing them with darker sounding cymbals. They were just too bright and overwhelming. I gave them to a friend, a gospel drummer...
  14. Channing

    What I've learned since I started recording myself

    Yeah, I know if you have a computer program that records, it can do that. I just thought maybe there was some other thing that could, without having to buy a computer, because i don't have one of those and don't want one. I wonder if there's any ipad app that can.
  15. Channing

    Beginner trouble with kick drum.

    It takes a lot of time, and it's something that has to be worked out piece by piece. Well, for me that's how it was, anyway. Try playing hi hat on the quarter notes, snare on 2 and 4, and then put the bass drum in different places. Like try playing it on all the quarter notes first, then all...
  16. Channing

    What I've learned since I started recording myself

    What is this recording device that produces a grid and shows if you're in time or not? Sounds interesting.
  17. Channing

    Garden Room for my kit

    Get your wife some earplugs
  18. Channing

    Guitar Center Shuts Down!

    Hmm. I have an e kit that I need to sell, but I haven't listed it anywhere yet. Maybe I should. Just in case someone wants to buy it with their corona cash.
  19. Channing

    Guitar Center Shuts Down!

    Everything where I live is closed pretty much. I was thinking of buying myself some new crash cymbals with my stimulus check but if all the drum stores are closed, I don’t feel comfortable ordering them online because I wanted to hear them first and make sure I get the ones I want. No new...
  20. Channing

    Drum throne

    Yes, it definitely could have been a lot worse. I can still do most things I did before. Run, ride a bike, swim, etc. I was back playing softball like 3 months after it happened. I just occasionally have back pain still, and it's aggravated by certain things, and drumming is one of them...