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  1. Channing

    Anyone else play mismatched hi hats?

    My hi hats are 14". The top is Crescent Fat Hats and the bottom is Zildjian K Custom Dark. I have them because a drummer friend cracked the top of his K Customs and replaced the set, so he gave me the bottom, so I went to a local drum shop and tried all the tops they had with that bottom and...
  2. Channing

    Drumming related New Years Resolutions/ Drum Goals for 2020

    Anyone have any drum goals for the new year? When I think about how far I've come since this time last year, it's pretty inspiring, because my drumming has gotten way better. Hopefully that continues and a year from now I'll be saying the same. Right now my goals for 2020 are, I want to be...
  3. Channing

    My practice kit

    I think it’s called a ddrum d2. Zildjian l80 cymbals, I put mesh heads and then hated them so I got these neoprene things to go over them. Now it’s pretty playable. My kick pedal is a trick drums pro 1-v short board and I love it. Of course I still have a real drum set but it’s all packed up
  4. Channing

    Any suggestions how to improve tempo accuracy?

    I currently use a metronome on stage most of the time because if I didn’t, I doubt we would ever play anything at the right tempo. It does the job but I’d like to be able to at least work toward being able to play without it. Is there anything specific like exercises to work on this skill...
  5. Channing

    My band’s new EP

    It’s only 3 songs but we’re calling it an EP. This was my first time ever recording in a studio. We’re doing three more songs in a month or so. Link
  6. Channing

    How to practice playing fast

    I'm trying to play Everlong. It's really fast. Right now I can play the whole song at about 125 bpm, but the actual tempo is 158. A couple months ago I learned Roxanne, which is also pretty fast.. what I did was learn it at a slower tempo, then gradually speed it up over the course of many...
  7. Channing

    Why are some guitarists so hard to play with?

    I'm in a band and I love playing with the guys in my band, but sometimes when I try to jam with other people it's just impossible to make it sound like music. I'm not sure why though. I think maybe some of them have no rhythm, or they aren't able to follow me and are expecting me to follow...
  8. Channing

    Drumming Apps

    Does anyone here use apps for their drumming practice or performance? I have an iPhone so all the apps I use are iPhone apps. The ones I use are: live BPM- This one detects the tempo of any music being played that it hears through the phone's microphone and displays the BPM. It works really...
  9. Channing

    Some songs I played with my band

    Nevermind, they got deleted.
  10. Channing


    Anyone else post their drumming on Instagram?
  11. Channing

    My band drama

    So, the singer and I have been friends way longer than he’s been in this band, and we generally like each other, once we even went on vacation together for two weeks and didn’t have any problems, but lately we’ve been having some.. creative differences. Basically he likes to...
  12. Channing

    These posts I see on Craigslist

    So, I'm kind of new at drumming, and I keep seeing these posts on my local Craigslist from drummers looking for gigs or bands to play with. I see, in general, two main types of posts. So, some are from drummers looking to join or form a band; they'll list influences and maybe a link to some...
  13. Channing

    I played my first show last night!!

    I’ve been playing drums for a year and a half, and the band I’m in now, I’ve been playing with since May. Our set list was 10 songs- 7 original and 3 covers. They had played shows before with their previous drummer, but this was the first one since he moved away six months ago. I didn’t...
  14. Channing

    Drumming after an injury: lost the use of my left hand

    I was in an accident and my left wrist and hand are broken in 3 places. It hurts to even hold a drumstick in that hand. Luckily I'm still able to drum with the other 3 limbs, and I am right handed so that helps. I should have my hand back in a month or two. In the meantime I'm kind of...
  15. Channing

    Shoe drums.. worst drum kit ever? This is the first video ever of me playing drums, way before i got my drum kit and before I started taking lessons so be nice, haha. I just love this video because it looks so weird.
  16. Channing

    New drummer here!

    Hi! My name is Channing and I'm 29 and I just started playing the drums about a month ago. Before that I had tried to play friends drum kits and my brother's, and also some experience playing drums on the video game Rock Band which is what initially made me think I could learn to play drums...