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    My Tama Granstar Kit

    Im selling it as i replaced it with a Premier Maple Series! So if anyone is interested im looking for offers of around £250 I also have a DW5000 series double pedal for sale! - slightly older model though, still works good - £100 A Duallist Pedal - Pretty good condition £80 A Premier 14" x...
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    My New Kit! Almost Done!

    So Here It Is: Premier Artist Maple 26"x 16", 13"x 9", 16"x 16", 18"x 16" - White Marine Pearl Pearl Aluminium Free Floating 14" x 6.5" Tama 10" Timbale Tama Iron Cobra Pedals + Hi Hat Zildjian A Series Quickbeat Hats, Z Custom Crashes, Ride and China and My Trusty Zil-Bell Lp Cowbell and...
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    Stick Tricks And Showmanship!

    Stick Tricks - I know alot of people don't like drummers who are flash like this with their playing but personally i think it looks cool as hell when drummers throw some spins and throws in there! I also have to say that alot of people i know go to see bands and love it when drummers are flash...