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    Non-messy lube for stubborn tripod stands

    Any recommendations for the exterior of cymbal stands/drum throne (the posts/tubes?). Just got a new Pork Pie Drum Throne that really takes lot of muscle to collapse the tripod legs of the throne. Thanks in advance!
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    Need ideas for drum-related activity to kindergarten class

    So my daughter is in kindergarten this year. The kids take turns being "Superhero of The Week" and get to pick someone to come in who they consider their hero. Most have a family member (mom/dad/uncle/grandparent) come in and do a demonstration or activity (sometimes a craft) with the kids...
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    ZOOM Q2n vs Q4n vs Q8n for Live Recording

    For anyone who has experience with either one, or multiple versions of these Zoom video cameras, I'd like to know pros/cons/recommendations on these based on what my intended usage would be: Camera would be used to record live loud rock band with internal mics only. Camera would be stationary...
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    Cheap hack for bass drum hoop grip/protector

    I’ve never been a fan of the traditional hoop protectors (Gibraltar/Tama/etc) because I really don’t want anything adhesive or “permanent” attached to my hoop. Of course I don’t want to crank my pedal down to the bare hoop to avoid any chew marks but then the pedal can occasionally slip...
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    Sabian Concept Crash

    I tried to Google some info about these Sabian Concept Crashes before purchasing, and there's not much info that turns up. Not even on the Sabian website. One other drum forum has a small discussion on them. Most online retailers had (have) these on a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal for...
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    What Pedal is this?

    This is my first bass drum pedal with my first set from around 1994. Just found it at my moms. I don’t need it and looking to sell. There is no markings but for some reason, I thought I remember it being a Ludwig. Still in great shape, no rust. What would it’s current worth be, if anything?
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    Question about SKB hard cases (upgrading)

    Hey guys, I'm currently upgrading some of my Gator padded drum bags to hard cases. Probably a bit overkill considering I only own a Tama Silverstar and only gig 1-3 times a month. But the way my car is packed pretty tight with everything, I may feel a bit more secure with a hard case. Yes...
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    Benefits of adjustable tension on snare butt plate

    I'm getting that itch ( not THAT kind of itch...) The itch I get every April when the tax refund comes back. I'm considering buying another snare drum and the two choices I was considering are the Mapex Sledgehammer and Gretsch Hammered Brass. Both of these drums have a tension...
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    Replacing a few hoops-questions

    Hey guys, When I got back into drumming in early 2012, I bought a Tama Silverstar. It's held up VERY well after 4+ years of gigging 1-2 times a months and playing nearly every day. I need to replace some hoops since some are slightly bent. On immediate inspection, my 10" and 14" toms...
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    Uh....Accelerator right?

    I just bought a new DW5000 Accelerator pedal to replace my 20+ year old one. I've never used/seen a Turbo cam, but this IS an Accelerator cam right? Tag says "TURBO", but Model # is for Accelerator. feels fresh and smooth!
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    The rust finally got me.

    Hey guys, Well after 4+ years of gigging my Tama Silverstar twice a month, I finally spotted out some rust located in the exact spot where my wing nut tightens my toms to the L-Rods.. I'm fairly meticulous when it comes to preventing "rust-causing conditions." 1) I have a finished basement...
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    Accidental double-post. Please delete.

    Double-post, please DELETE.
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    Interesting Weird Al conversation on radio show

    This morning, my local radio station (105.7 The Point in St. Louis, MO) talked a bit about Weird Al. They said that one artist that he always wanted to parody was Prince. However he could not get permission from him even after countless times asking him. Supposedly he doesn't HAVE to get...
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    R.O.C.K Custom Drums/Rich Kozi -FRAUD Moderators if this post is frowned upon, please delete. I thought I would spread the word about several drummer friends who were taken for $1000's. I included the Facebook link to a post. I am unsure if you will be able to...
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    My snare batter choice for live situations

    Hey guys, For the last few years since returning to drums (and a few live gigs a month), I've been using Remo Coated PS3 for my snare batter. All of my snare drums are 6-1/2x14. I have a maple, acrylic, steel, and brass. Usually my "go-to" drum for gigs is the brass. Here's a few more...
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    Mounted Tambourine slippage

    Hey guys, I've always had this issue. I have an LP Cyclops mounted tambourine. In the past, I had it mounted to an LP rod, but now I use Tama clamps/L-rods (more stable and grip the cymbal stand better.) Either way, I have always had the issue of it falling down the rod, or moving around...
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    Odd snare tuning video. Has anyone tried this? Seems against anything I ever learned about even tension....
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    Replace Phillips throwoff screws with drum key screws?

    Aside from having too many snares already....I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on a Ludwig Twisted Salesman. I'm picky about using my drum key for everything.....could I switch out the 2 Phillips screws on the the throwoff...
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    Basic FREE program/website for band flyers?

    Does anyone know of a VERY basic, easy to use FREE program/website to design a run-of-the-mill band flyer. It needs to allow me to use it for Facebook promos and printable 81/2x11. I know it's nitpicking but I don't like due to the watermark. Microsoft Publisher would work...
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    Snare (and head) choice for outdoor gig?

    Hey guys, My band is playing it's first outdoor gig in a LONG time this weekend. At least the first one where I care more about how my drums sound. I've heard some nightmare stories about outdoor playing.... We'll be playing on a wooden deck. Actually..... after hauling ALL of our band gear...