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  1. latzanimal


    Tama steel shell. Parts are way over priced and hard to find, so…. All Star Tubes and an adapter plate to mount the strainer. Butt plate lined right up…
  2. latzanimal

    What I've been using..

    I've been filling in for a guy I work with's band. Classic rock.. so I decided to go big or stay home... 13, 15, 18 over double 26's...
  3. latzanimal

    My Dirty Little Collection..

    So I was out cleaning the garage and decided to snap some pics of my snares. In the process, I realized they need to be cleaned.. desparately. So I now have my winter project..
  4. latzanimal

    Anybody metal cast????

    Does anyone do any metal casting? I have a bunch of old cracked cymbals and I thought I'd try to find someone to melt them down and cast me a new snare shell..... Anybody know of someone or somewhere? Preferably in the US, shipping could get expensive overseas... Thanks....