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    Best starter E-Kit for working with a DAW that has the closest feel to drums.

    Just wondering what the best budget E-kit to get is for around £500 - £800 that would work with recording onto computer that has the closest feel to drums? I don't mind looking at older models if they are cheaper. I realize I need to get a practice kit in the house for practicing covers etc...
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    Played my first jam in a year and a half.

    Nerves were shattered going onto the drum kit but managed to play a funky bluesy jam and it turned out alright. Check out the doghouse in Edinburgh, Scotland. They have a brilliant jam set up and the drum kit sounds amazing. Met some guys that were into jamming The Who at another time, so it...
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    Is the difference in sound the drumkits used or the production set up for the live sound?

    Hi guys - I was previously jimmy900 - but my email address was deleted, so apologies about the second profile. I just wanted to ask a question about the difference in sound with the drums when listening to 'Young Man Blues' performed by The Who and John Entwhistle's band. I am getting some...