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    Yamaha Club Custom Owners...

    ... please post your experience with these drums. I own a number of Yamaha kits. I was aware of this series, but content and happy with what I have. No gear envy, etc. This weekend, I got to hear, and play, a set of Club Customs. They were tuned wide open, coated heads top and bottom. Sounded...
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    First We Take Manhattan

    Prepping for an upcoming gig. One of the songs is First We Take Manhattan by Jennifer Warnes (lyrics by Leonard Cohen). I have heard it many times over the years. Appreciated the lyrics, the production, and the tasteful playing. A simple, solid groove with just the right amount of spice...
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    Getting the Gig You Want

    Last Wednesday (July 29) I received an email asking if I could sub for two gigs on the weekend (July 31 + Aug 1) at a local legion. A set list of 50 songs (culled from a master list of 130 songs) was included with the email. I was familiar with most of the songs (about 45), and was confident I...
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    Theatre gig!

    Got the nod last night. I am playing a 7 show run of the musical Chess. It is being staged as part of a local Summer arts festival. Our venue seats almost 800. I met with the musical director this afternoon. Rehearsals begin next weekend. Very excited!
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    In with both feet!

    After a 10 year hiatus from playing (new baby), I am jumping back in with both feet. I have an audition with a well established local band in early April. Of the 55 songs on their current playlist, there were only 8 that I had never heard. Many of the others I have played before. Many times...