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    Drumming Rudiments Technique Help?

    Hi Everyone, I'm a pretty new drummer. Over Christmas I really want to perfect my technique playing rudiments singles/doubles/paradidles etc. I'm not interested necessarily in speed but just improving my overall technique. I know speed comes with slow practice I get that so there's no need to...
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    practicing with the metronome?

    Hi everyone, I’ve been really focusing on my single and double stroke roll technique. I don’t really care about speed I just wanna get the Basics down first I know speed doesn’t come over night. The problem I’m having is I get obsessed about using the metronome, I know people say start slow...
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    Double Stroke Rolls at a slow tempo?

    Hi guys I’ve been practicing my double stroke technique, at slower tempos etc 60-80BPM 16th notes. I can’t seem to play the double cleanly with the bounce or with fingers? Is it because 60-80 is pretty slow for the bounce or should I just use all fingers for the slower speeds then when I speed...
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    Roland TD-1DMK CYMBALS??

    Hi guy’s just wondering if anyone knows if the cymbals choke on this kit?
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    Hi guy’s I’ve been working on my double stroke roll, practicing the push pull method. As I’ve been trying to speed it up I don’t feel like I’m using my fingers for the second stroke, my strokes sound weak and not very even. I dunno if it’s a timing issue or a finger technique problem. I’ll...
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    Need help practicing?

    Hi everyone, I’m a New drummer who’s just got a practice pad. I’m self taught for the minute but I’m not sure if I can find a good drum teacher in my area. I’ve been setting myself goals and working on my techniques with a metronome. My Daily Practice would consist of warming up each hand then...
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    Metronome Practice NEED HELP!

    Hi everyone I’m fairly new to drumming and self-taught. I’ve recently been focusing on getting my techniques down to where I’m happy with, (ect Finger technique wrist technique) The method I’ve been using for single strokes is I’ll start at 60BPM work through the sub divisions 8th notes 16th...