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    Bought some Yamaha Live Customs today.

    Black shadow sunburst. 7×10, 8×12, 15×16, 14x22. No pics yet. They're being shipped. I'm looking forward to the 14" deep kick. I've been playing an 18 for a long time. I'm looking forward to the feel of a shallower kick drum. Get in here and tell me what you like (and maybe what you don't...
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    Promark website

    Why has Promark using vague spec listings formost of the stick on the website? For example, looking at a classic 5B. It says.. Size: 5B Length: 15" - 16“ What does that even mean? I know the diameter of a classic 5B is .590, but what about the other sticks? Why is the length listed as a...
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    Another stupid Black Beauty question

    I was fooling around on the Ludwig website. I noticed that the black beauties are fitted with 2.3 mm hoops. I thought they were fitted with 1.6s, like the Supra. How long have 2.3s been on the BB? Always? The last few years?
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    Any word on the new Yamaha stuff, yet?

    I'm waiting. Will it be a new version of the Recording Custom?
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    Gretsch Brooklyn COB or Pearl SE?

    I'm buying a brass snare. 6.5x14. I have good deals lined up for the Gretsch Brooklyn COB and the Pearl SE brass. I like the features on both of them. I've read good things about both of them here. Guys, which one would you choose?
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    Paiste 602 ME

    I was able to use a 22' ME ride today. What a cymbal! How many of you have purchased or used the Modern Essentials? I'd love to hear the board's thoughts on these cymbals. Chime in when you can.
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    Heuer Drums

    Chris Heuer is making new kits for some guy named Vinnie. Vinnie has a link on his website now, replacing the Ludwig link. This was foreshadowed on another board.
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    Yamaha's new stuff

    I've seen a couple of teaser videos from Yamaha Drums. They mention "Evolution." I'm guessing that will be the name of one of their new drum lines. Does anybody have any info? Jim Haler, paging Jim Haler...
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    Yamaha MCAN issue

    I have a Yamaha MCAN blue sparkle kit. I bought it used without the snare drum. Since Yamaha is discontinuing the line, I'm thinking of ordering the snare before the June 28 deadline. The reason I want the snare is for the kit value. If I ever decide to sell it, I'm thinking the kit would have...
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    The future of Yamaha Drums

    After the big announcement that Yamaha Drums, as we know them, is going away for good. Say goodbye to the Absolutes, RCs, etc. Are the RCs really going away forever? I hope not. OK. Enough whining.... As long as Yamaha doesn't drastically change their hardware, I think everything will be ok...
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    Giant Beats: the Experience

    I bought the 18' and 20' multis. They sound good by themselves. But when you perform live with them, they come alive! Wonderful cymbals.
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    Paiste twenty masters medium ride

    Has anyone played this ride? I was able to demo one recently and loved it. Has anyone gigged with this cymbal? Just looking for some other feedback on this cymbal.
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    2002 thin crashes: anybody using them?

    I'm looking at a couple of these for purchase. They sound great for rock/pop, to my ears. Any if you guys/gals using them? What do you think?
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    Paiste 602 Ride!

    I played a 20' 602 medium ride today for awhile. It is a wonderful cymbal. So are the restbofnthe cymbals in that series.
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    Yamaha Oak Custom for jazz?

    I've found a good deal on a oak kit. I'm wondering if any of you have experience using these in s small jazz club setting? I know these drums are loud and punchy, but with the right touch could work very well. Any input would be appreciates. Thanks!
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    Yamaha Signature Snares

    It's finally official...they've been discontinued and are no longer a part of the current product list.
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    Thinking of getting some Paiste 602s

    I love the way these cymbals sound. Sweet, sweet cymbals. How many of you have experience with these cymbals and their durability? I know the cymbals aren't meant for loud music situations. The crashes are a bit delicate. Volume wise, I play Dave Matthews and Allman Bros style music in small...
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    For Vinnnie C. and Paiste fans

    At the 6:40 mark in this video, look at the cymbals he is using.
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    Vinnie Colaiuta sticks

    Who will make them now that he left Zildjian?
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    If you couldn't use your current cymbals...

    What would you use? I use Zildjian A's and K's. But I wouldn't mind using some Paiste 602, dark energy, and Twenty masters rides. What would you guys choose?