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    The 3 kits of mine! Yamaha RC and Pearl!

    Latest pictures of my 3 kits! I recently received the walnut stain 1983 Pearl M Series Maple. Absolutely incredible sounding kit! Pearl session studio select for the big shows, and my Carter Beauford replica!
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    Latest Hat creation - 15" K Dark Thin Crash over 15" Avedis

    Hey guys! Wanting to get back into 15" hats, I thought I'd try a new mismatched pair. I recently had a 15" K dark thin over a 90s new beat bottom, and I'm still kicking myself for selling that bottom. That was a great pair. So, I got a 15" A Avedis bottom weighting 1404g. It feels some lighter...
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    20" Reverie Drums Versa Stack!

    For anyone into the clap stack thing lately, I highly recommend checking out Reverie Drums (Stack Ring Percussion) Versa Stacks. These are incredibly cool, and much cheaper than the Istanbul Agop models. My 20" came today and I'm in love with it. Thought I'd share!
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    22" Zildjian rides as crashes

    Hey guys. Lately I've been into the huge cymbal thing for my small kit setup. I love the wash, the warmth, just how they sound in the mix. I started with 20s and have been adding some 22s. I got a very light 22" A Avedis Crash/Ride yesterday, and it seems to have paired perfectly with my 22"...
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    The current snare collection!

    Finally got a good shot of all my snares together, minus 1 which is for sale. It's been a seemingly never ending journey to get to these, and I'm sure something will eventually change, but I am finally at a happy place where I no longer NEED any more snare drums. It feels good. I've certainly...
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    My Carter Beauford replica kit - 2020 updates

    Figured some may enjoy this! Cheers!
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    Mapex Black Panther 30th Anniversary Walnut Snare

    Got this beauty in yesterday! I'm not the biggest Mapex fan, but their Black Panther snares are awesome. I was always wanting to get one of these walnuts back when the Deep Forest series was going on in the 90s and early 2ks. This one is a perfect throwback to those! I added die cast hoops and...
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    Rosewood Snare Shootout!

    Finally got around to doing a somewhat better video than my usual cell phone videos of these incredible 3 drums. The hats ended up coming through way more than I wanted, but hopefully you guys get the idea. Please excuse my horrible playing. I'm the worst at solo videos and my playing shows. I...
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    Pearl Masterworks Limited Rosewood Snare!

    Hey guys! So stoked to show you guys this dream snare. This is a 14x6.5 Limited Pearl Masterworks Rosewood snare. As some of you may have already seen, Rosewood is my favorite wood for snares. This one is something special. 4 ply Santos/South American Rosewood with 4 ply Rosewood rings. My...
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    Pork Pie Steambent Rosewood & Collection

    Hey guys, got a few more shots of my Pork Pie Steambent Solid East Indian Rosewood snare and the collection. This rosewood is just phenomenal. A true dream come true snare for me. The collection is missing my 14x6.5" Pearl Sensitone Aluminum. I may also be adding a 14x6.5 DW Collectors...
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    My band's new single! Free download!

    Hey guys, we just released our new single from our upcoming new album and I wanted to share with you guys! Hope you enjoy it. This is one of my favorites, especially being a dad now. If you like the song, please feel free to download it for free at our website!
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    Pork Pie Solid/Steambent Rosewood arrived!

    Hey guys. My dream snare arrived yesterday and I can't be more excited about it! I ordered this beauty 11 months ago. I had been wanting a custom rosewood snare for a while. I've got a Tama Rosewood Reissue (which is now for sale) and absolutely fell in love with rosewood snare drums. They're...
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    Carter Beauford Replica

    Hey guys. Had a gig with Dave Matthews Tribute Band last night in Baton Rouge, LA. Got 2 great shots of the Beauford Replica and wanted to share. This is a complete replica of what he's currently using, with 1 minor thing. For some reason, Carter requested a 2nd 6 and 8 splash stack beside...
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    New kit! Pearl Session Studio Select

    Hey guys! Got a new kit for my band Crutchfield! I'm absolutely floored by these things. So, so deep and punchy with the birch mahogany shells. It's been a long time since I've had a Pearl kit, and I'm amazed at what you get for the money. I had originally been saving for Ludwig classic...
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    2019 Carter Beauford replica update

    Hey guys. Had a lot of interest in people asking for an update on the Beauford replica kit, so I made a quick video. Was lucky enough that official Dave Matthews Band social media have even posted this to their sites! Thought I'd share!
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    Newer song from my band opening for Chris Tomlin!

    Hey guys! We (Crutchfield) got to open for the amazing Chris Tomlin this weekend at Magic Springs in Hot Springs, AR. It was an absolute blast and Chris is an incredible performer. Hopefully this link works, but we got a decent crowd video of one of our newer songs called See You In the Stars...
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    Latest gig with Dave Matthews Tribute Band

    Hey guys. We had another great gig this weekend and I got most of the set recorded. Just go pro audio, but it did fairly well. Felt a bit rusty for this gig, but trying to play Carter Beauford is a task all in itself.
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    Porter and Davies Tactile Monitor Throne

    Hey guys I just got this throne in. One word: incredible! The guys at P&D have made an incredible product and I can't recommend it enough. Pricey sure but it's worth every penny. Thought I'd share a quick video!
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    New snare videos!

    Hey guys this may should go in the video section. If so feel free to move it there. I finally got around to making some snare videos without holding my cell phone like usual. Just used a GoPro. Not mics, so still not the best sound, but you get the idea . I left them at my usual medium to...
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    2003 Pork Pie Brass & video

    Found this snare in amazing condition for pretty cheap. I've sold my black beauty for a cast bronze drumcraft, and wanted to have another black nickel over brass snare. The drumcraft is amazing, but way too heavy to carry around to gigs. So instead of shelling out for another black beauty, I...