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    Canadian Zildjian

    I picked this 22in ride up in December for $100 Canadian $$s and I very pleased with the sound and it's in vg condition. I know during the Zil Canada period that both A'a and some K's were made but not sure what I have. I'm sending pic of stamping and hoping someone can give me info as to type...
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    Brush storage

    When I used a 22in deep kick I would put my brushes on top so I had access to them and they were safe. When I downsized to a Sonor Safari kit with it’s 16in kick the brush storage became a problem and I ruined a set when they fell too many times. So I came up with this solution: I hang brushes...
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    My drum key

    I noted several posts today regarding drum keys and their pros and cons. I too have had some that are sloppily by g for the lug, one that was so tight it almost had to be hammered on. But the only me in the picture I bought well over 30 years ago and it’s quality is most apparent in the metal...
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    Great drummers can play it all

    I grew up in the 40s,50s and was into that.. Swing,Jazz or In 60s, Supremes, Stevie Wonder ie: sweeter music, listening and playing it until into the 70s. Then my Teenage daughter and son brought Rock albums both soft and hard into the home. I took immediately to Eagles, ELO etc but when my...
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    Stainless Steel Brushes

    So, awhile back I inquired if anybody knew of a Stainless steel drum brush as I'm tired of cleaning my coated Remo Ambassador and Remo Diplomat FiberSkyn heads. The current brushes I use are ProMark TB5 which have medium wires and Vic Firth Livewire which have ultra stiff wires with small beads...
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    Tama Iron Cobra

    For the past 5 years I’ve used the Tama Iron Cobra with Kevlar strap link. I’m a young 79 still playing actively. Everything from Swing/Jazz I grew up with to Country and Soft Rock/Blues. I have had a knee replacement and the ankle is Arthritic on my right/kick leg. The Iron Cobra been a life...