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    Afro-Cuban play along tracks.

    Hello, Looking for some play along tracks for Afro-Cuban / Montunos, etc. Any links or referrals would be appreciated. Thank you. Mdslammer
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    Wanted / Yamaha David Garibaldi Snare

    Looking for a Yamaha David Garibaldi snare drum. If anyone has one they're looking to sell, please contact me. I'm interested. Thanks. Mark
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    Stick Holder

    Anyone remember a stick holder that attached to your hi hat. Which has a curved tray, red felt inside and the bottom was closed. You could tilt it up or down. It was great for placing a pair of brushes and mallets for a quick change from sticks to brushes or vs. I can't find this or anything...
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    What is this?

    Hi Guys, I've seen this piece of gear once before on Gregory Hutchinson's kit. And now on Andrew's kit (from "Kindbeats"). Can anyone give me any info for it. The piece is an odd shape to the right of Andrew's kit. Almost looks like a "teardrop". Some kind of brass efx piece possibly. Anyway...
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    Video Featuring John Abraham

    Hi Guys, I wanted to share the last of 4 videos I produced for John Abraham earlier this year. In this one, John is playing a nice Samba. Except is 4 against 3. A bit tricky. Challenging to say the least. Anyway, for any of you interested: Mark...
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    New Video

    Hi Guys, Here's the amazing John Abraham playing a 3:4 ostinato with some very creative ideas on top. Enjoy.
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    Toning down a ride cymbal

    Hi Guys, Normally my rides are always played wide open. Which is why I have a decent selection of rides. However, in the past whenever I felt the need to slightly de wduce the wash or overtones, I'd be se a very small amount of tape to selected areas under the cymbal. What do any of you do if...
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    New Video featuring John Abraham

    Hi Guys, I wanted to share another video I produced for John Abraham. This time John's playing the clave pattern with the left foot and the Tumbao pattern with the bass drum. He switches between 4/4 and 12/8 nicely. Enjoy.
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    New Video I Produced...

    Hi Guys, I produced 4 video's for one of my best buds who's an amazing musician. His name is John Abraham. He's the drummer for Cirque du Soleil's show "O" at the Bellagio Hotel here in Las Vegas. Anyway, John has been working very diligently on some new ideas with "micro rhythms" I...
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    Looking for this practice pad...

    Hi Guys, I have a practice pad from the mid 60's. Yeah, I'm an old fart. Anyway, this pad has two nice features to it. One side had gum rubber and the other is just wood. The wood side is great for practicing brushes. You remember them right! LOL... Anyway, due to the years of use, I've...
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    Balance point for playing heel up...

    Hi guys, I've played my whole life with the heel down on the bass drum. I just started that way as a kid and continued to this day. Playing with the heel down gave me an "anchor" point for the rest of my body when playing the kit. I'm now in a transitional stage working both on my hands as...
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    Moeller Technique ?

    Dug out my Jim Chapin video and was watching him demo the Moeller Tech as well as viewing the video's here. I get the individual strokes with 3 beats per hand and can do them pretty well. Then I watch him do the triplets using this technique and he gets them blazing... Is he still utilizing...
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    Cross Sticking book

    I used to have a book specifically for cross sticking solos on the snare drum. A through back to the 60's style of jazz drumming. Buddy Rich was great at it. Anyway, if anyone has the name of the book/publisher, I'd appreciate it if you'd reply with the info. I can't find my copy anywhere. But...
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    Installing Rivets

    Hi Guys, New to the forum. Looks like a great place to hang out. In any event, I'd like some of your recommendations as to installing some rivets. I have a 20" ride. I know where the sweet spot is where the cymbal always resides while playing it. In the past, I have installed rivets at 10...