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    Specials Drummer Passes away

    Very sad news:
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    Djembes, Traditional or Modern

    Sat in with a group of friends this last weekend and had a blast playing percussion, including a djembe, which I had not played a lot until now, it took a while to get the hang of playing, but now of course I am online "just looking" I played a borrowed rope tuned traditional style drum, but...
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    Frankie Goes to Hollywood

    This is mainly for the Brits amongst us, but please bear with me, I was reading an article about Frankie Goes to Hollywood this morning which took me to this you tube, with Trevor Horn, Ash Soan and some other very talented musicians as they discuss, and then play the Frankie Goes to Hollywood...
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    Kudos to DW, Sabian and Guitar Center

    Don't know if this has been posted yet, a great story: I might have gotten a little dust in my eyes after watching.....
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    Bonzo snare to be auctioned

    I just noticed this in an upcoming auction at Christies, one of John Bonham's Vistalite snares is up for auction:
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    Steve White back to Premier

    I recently noticed that Steve White has returned to Premier Drums from Mapex, I believe this is a pretty big deal as, if I recall, he left for Mapex when Premier started to lose their way a few years ago. As well as being a phenomenal drummer Steve is also a huge champion of music education...
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    Vintage/Antique heads, experience, feedback?

    Could anyone kindly explain, give any feedback on these types of heads? I notice that in some cases/manufacturer they seem to be designed to fit older drums, slightly larger drums shell, and some seem to be to replicate calfskin heads, but what do they sound like as compared to the 'standard'...
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    Greg Bissonette leaves Mapex

    I haven't seen this anywhere on DW, but it is doing the rounds on other drum forums, Greg Bissonette has amicably left Mapex, and according to some posts will be joining Dixon drums. (I have absolutely no confirmation of this, merely reporting on what I have read elsewhere).
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    Tips for finding add on drums for kit

    I have been trying to locate extra toms to add to my kit, and have tried stopping by my local drums stores frequently, looking at e-bay and craigslist, but all to no avail. Has anyone else had experience of this? I'm starting to think I need to be more flexible, not worry about colour or...
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    What to add to my cymbal stable?

    I'm getting itchy fingers to add to my cymbal collection, at present I have Sabian AA hats, and two Sabian XS20 crashes, a Sabian XS20 ride and a Sabian XS20 splash. I'm thinking to add a China cymbal next (either AA or XS20) is this a good use of funds? Any thoughts/advise? Thanks
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    The Drum Thing: A kickstarter campaign.

    I saw a reference to this project in the Guardian newspaper: I have no affiliation to this person/project, it just looks intestering
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    FYI for all Chris Adler fans in and around NY

    Chris will be at the Sam Ash store in NYC, this Friday!
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    Guiros, buying advice please

    I'm looking to add a guiro to my percussion stable, but will be the first to admit I am not very familiar with different types, different materials etc. Any thoughts or observations? Thanks
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    Rocking Grandma

    Sorry if this may be a re-post, just came across this: Enjoy (The way I've been playing lately, I think I'll be asking for lessons!)
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    Man of Steel soundtrack, video

    Whilst reading the endorsement article recently posted I came across this video, quite a collaboration:
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    Stick coatings/Dropping sticks

    I use a number of different brands of sticks, all of the big 3, but I have come to notice that when I play with my pro-mark SD9s I tend to drop more sticks, these are regular sticks, with a coating, and I was wondering if anyone else has the same problem? i would assume that the formulation...
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    Guitar Centre Stick Club

    Anyone here signed up for this?
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    Pork Pie snare help please

    I am really stuck with overtones on a Pork Pie snare, and ready to put the drum in a corner and forget about it, but thought I would check in in case anyone else has had a similar issue. It’s a Pork Pie little squealer 7X14 snare that was sold as part of the Ebony Satin Squealer Drum Set. It...
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    Vater XD-5B

    I recently picked up a pair of Vater Percussion Xtreme Design 5B Wood Tip, (or XD-5B), and have to say I am pretty impressed. Does anyone know if these are a new range of sticks? I had a look at the Vater website, and didn't learn much. Thanks
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    Pork Pie BOB tuning advice please

    I have the Pork Pie BOB 14 x 6.5" snare drum, and since buying it have had it cranked up for a nice high crack. recently I acquired a nice blackrolite which has now become my "high" drum, so I am trying to get the BOB tuned to a more mid range sound, a fatter wet type of sound, and try as I...