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  1. evans_69

    Eloy Casagrande

    Why is this dude not on drummer world search. He is probably one of the best Metal drummers out there atm, technically amazing and has passion and power.
  2. evans_69

    Aquarian head advice.

    Okay here goes: I'm looking to try Aquarian heads on my gigging kit as I haven't changed them in a while. atm I'm running Emperors on the Tom's, Powerstroke on the bass and an Evan's power centre rev dot on the snare. Kit size is 13" 16" and 14" snare. I was always an Evan's man G2, EMAD and...
  3. evans_69

    Making clocks from broken cymbals

    Does anyone else do this ? Or has done it ? I have about 6 in the family that I have made. I bought this one off a mate who was going to throw it away lol.
  4. evans_69


    What UFIP cymbals are similar in weight to 2002s and A customs ? I have looked into purchasing some, the Bionics are a little heavy for my taste. Maybe be Class medium or Rough ? Appreciate any feed back from someone that uses UFIP. 👍
  5. evans_69

    Discontinued Paiste cymbals

    What discontinued Paiste cymbals do you own ? Some of these are great cymbals and a shame they are no longer made. Here are some of mine. 2002 20" Rock Crash ( was Dimensions Power Crash) 18" 2002 Full crash ( Was Dimensions medium thin full crash? 14" Dimensions thin/heavy hi hats 20"...
  6. evans_69

    UFIP for metal/rock

    Hi all , I'm after some advice on UFIP cymbals that suit rock and metal. In my vast collection of cymbals I have a 22" Bionic ride that sounds amazing. I like big crashes 19" and above and have listened to sound files of the bionic crashes. They sound a bit to thick for my liking, I prefer...
  7. evans_69

    HHX Evolution or HHX celerator

    Which pair of hats are brighter and more cutting ? Plus are good for rock ? Cheers
  8. evans_69

    WANTED: 14" HHXcelerator hats etc

    I'm looking for used 14" HHXcelerator hats, 19" and 20" HHXplosions and a 21 or 22" HHX Manhattan jazz ride or HH Vintage ride.. Anyone help me out or have any of these?
  9. evans_69

    HHX Evolution ride as crash ?

    Looking for a big crash to go with my 21 HHX Groove ride and was wandering if anyone knew how crashable the evolution is ? I have had a sample on my cymbal and it sounds pretty sweet. I would prefer a 22 but not sure they do one. Any other big sabian rides that crash well would be also handy to...
  10. evans_69

    20" HHX plosion. Can't find a used cymbal anywhere

    Been looking for a while now for a used 20" HHX plosion. Any good places to look other than Ebay or Gumtree, I am in the UK.
  11. evans_69

    Paiste formula 602 20" medium ( blue label )

    Managed to pick one up cheap, I have no idea of the value it just says 20" medium on the cymbal not medium ride. Does anyone know anything about this cymbal ? Crashable and value ? Thanks.
  12. evans_69

    22" rude ride/crash

    I have been looking for a 22" 2002 ride but cant find one second hand anywhere. I have seen a 22" Rude ride/crash and wandered if they would be similar. They both weigh around 3100g. Would the rude be a good washy crash ? Thanks all
  13. evans_69

    Paiste Rude Thin Crashes

    Does anyone know where the cheapest place in the UK i can get a 19"&20" rude thin crash? Tried ebay for weeks.
  14. evans_69

    24x20 kick batter head

    Hi guys, just bought a Ludwig with a maple 24x20 kick and wandered what batter head to use on it. I have always been an Evans fans and have loved the EMAD but does a big drum like this need a two ply head ? Maybe an EMAD 2 or EQ3 ? Help needed. I like a punchy sound but not to dead.
  15. evans_69

    Evans head for 14x10 wood snare

    Just bought a hd dry and don't like it. Was thinking maybe a straight g2 or a pc rev dot. What would you recommended?
  16. evans_69

    paiste crash ride

    I am wanting a paiste crash that i can ride on that is a little darker than my two main crashes. My setup is. 14" 2002 sound edge hats 19" Dimensions medium heavy crash 20" Signature full crash 22" Signature power ride Was looking at a 20" or bigger, any recommendations as the sig full is a...
  17. evans_69

    Cymbal to Complement my 20" Paiste signature full crash

    What Paiste crashes do you think would work really well with my 20" sig full crash ? I was thinking a 18 or 19 full or maybe a 2002 medium. What are your recommendations ?
  18. evans_69

    14" 2002 soundedge v New Beats

    Probably a very debateable subject but i own a pair of 14" new beats in brilliant and was thinking of getting a pair of 2002 soundedge as a second pair. I just wanted to know from those who have played both the differences in sound and what you think on having both sets. Cheers guys.
  19. evans_69

    Help with Paiste setup

    Ok so i am in the market to buy a setup and i want to go all Paiste. I have a Zildjian setup: 14" A New Beats Brilliant 18" K Dark crash medium thin 19" A Custom Medium Crash 20" A Custom Crash 22" K Heavy Ride 18" Oriental china trash I love this setup but fancy an all Paiste set up as well...
  20. evans_69

    22" crashes too big ?

    So my mate let me borrow a pair of Sabian AA Rock crashes 21"&22" which i used at rehersal, man did they sound awful, gongy and flat. I switched them back to a pair of some of my crashes a 20" A custom crash and a 20" Paiste signature full crashes and they sounded sweeter and had a lot more cut...