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  1. classicstar

    A Review of the new Aquarian Triple Threat

    Some of you may have heard that Aquarian has recently come out with the world's first 3 ply drum head. Well, I must say, it does not disappoint. Some of you might be wary of it because it's 3 plies, so you might think it would be too dead; considering 2 ply heads are more "dead" than single...
  2. classicstar

    Dave Lombardo switches drum combanies (..again)

    So I just found out yesterday that Dave Lombardo of Slayer and PHILM just switched to Ludwig yesterday. Now, I was a little upset when he switched to ddrum from Tama, mainly because I've heard very hit or miss reviews on ddrum and virtually never hear anything bad about Tama. However, I...
  3. classicstar

    Meinl MB20 Medium Heavy Ride

    I've been wondering about this cymbal for a long time. I was wondering if anyone out there has one and how they feel about it's sound. How is the bell? Is it still crashable? that kind of stuff. Sound samples would be awesome too. Cheers!
  4. classicstar

    Do I just have bad taste? Really liking the "gig mix" box set from Sabian

    To me, this is the best sounding set from all of the combinations of box sets that Sabian just came out with. In case you don't know, the gig set has b8 pro hats, b8 pro ride, and xs20 crashes. This combo just works so much better to my ears than any of the other box sets. Very interesting!
  5. classicstar

    Decent snares that are relatively cheap

    Hey guys. I'm really hard pressed for money right now, and two days ago I noticed my acrolite is horribly bent. So now I have no snare. I'm looking for one (preferably around 14x6/7) but I'm on a really tight budget. So far all I can find is the OCDP X series snare, but I can't find a good video...
  6. classicstar

    A little project of mine...

    So I got my hands on the Producer edition of Lamb Of God's latest album , "Wrath". And I decided "you know what? I'm going to remaster it." I'm only doing it because I feel it deserves to have better sound quality. The album sounds almost as bad as Death Magnetic did to me. So I'm going to...
  7. classicstar

    Lug replacement

    Hey everyone, I have a Tama Rockstar and I can't stand the lugs on it. (long style where they run across the depth of the drum, like the superstars) I really want to do a project with them because they actually do sound good and I love them to death, and I want to do something personal with...
  8. classicstar

    I have succumbed to the Paiste machine

    Today, I went to Guitar Center (I really hate that place, I don't know why I bother) And stumbled across some Paiste's that literally caught me by surprise. They were Alpha medium hats and a 22 inch rock ride. These are Paiste's intermediate line, yet they sound great! The brilliant finish is...
  9. classicstar

    Help with crash sounds

    Hey guys, I'm in need of help. For the longest time I've been adamant about getting a new MB10 crash (Meinl) but I ran into a problem. I was giving the album Ride The Lightning by Metallica a good listen and realized I absolutely adore the sound of the crashes on it. I looked up what he used...
  10. classicstar

    Remo Controlled Sound X

    For anyone hoping this is a review, I'm sorry but it's the opposite. This thing has been out for a little while now and I can't find anything on someone using them. No reviews, nothing. So, has anyone out there tried one of these yet? I'm very interested to know how they sound!
  11. classicstar

    Jason Bitner leaves Meinl, and with him goes the bell blast ride

    Went on Zildjian's website the other day to listen to some A Custim medium crashes and I find out Jason Bitner switched to them which shocked me after how long he was with Meinl. I guess he just needed a change lol. I was kind of disappointed to see that upon his departure the Bell Blast ride...
  12. classicstar

    Clear Pinstripe over Ambassador X?

    Hey guys, my Emps have taken quite a beating so I'm planning on changing my batters in a month or two. I used to have pinstripes and loved them but I wanted a more open sound so I switched to the emps after my Pinstripes' time was up. But man, I greatly love the focused attack and warmer low end...
  13. classicstar

    Me and my song named Bojangles.

    So my friend and I are looking for a band, but refuse to not write just because we don't have anyone else. So we write a song every few weeks or so but this one...this one will be a monster. It was yet to have harmonies/amazing solo in it (I wrote some lyrics if anyone wants to see those too)...
  14. classicstar

    A specific ride sound

    Hey guys, I am in desperate need of help I'm desperately desperate. Haha seriously though, I'm looking for a ride (preferably Meinl as I have never heard anything quite like them) that has great stick definition with a little wash and a nice cutting bell, that when crashed on has a lot of...
  15. classicstar

    What did you get for Christmas? (and/or the other celebrated holidays)

    So, what gear did you get? A nice sweater to put in your kick? Haha I got an Aquarian Super-Kick 3, Meinl MB10 17" medium crash, some sticks, The Way Of All Flesh and From Mars To Sirius by Gojira, $100 gift card to Guitar Center, a new headset and the new reissue of Pretty Hate Machine by Nine...
  16. classicstar

    A certain bass drum tuning

    I'm looking for a certain bass drum sound that has to do with the tuning. I want a sound that has a lot of punch, a very subtle low end resonance and a little oomph as well. Right now I have it tuned with the resonant a little past fingertight, and the batter 2 turns past finger tight. This...
  17. classicstar

    Tama 1st Chair round hydraulic or Roc N Soc round nitro throne?

    I am trying to decide on which throne to get. I need one that is comfortable and reliable and I have it down to these two. I've tested the nitro throne before and I loved it to death but I'm liking the looks and design of the tama and is a little cheaper. So which one in your opinion is better?
  18. classicstar

    Your most favorite ride

    Post your favorite ride and even a sound sample if you want. Mine at the moment is either the Sabian HH power bell ride or the HH leopard ride.
  19. classicstar

    Snare head

    Hey guys, I'm trying to decide if I want to get an Ambassador X or a plain Ambassador for my snare. I currently have a coated CS reverse dot on my snare and it just doesn't have the snap crackle pop or very much sensitivity, and it is also a little too dry for me. Also open to other Remo heads...