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    Dr30 Redwood amp any good?

    Got the chance to buy one locally. Any experience with this anyone? Thanks
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    Rec n Share help please

    Now I’ve transferred my playlists to iTunes, when I click on the tab with the music key symbol in top left asking me to choose the music I want to play, then select iTunes music, then my playlist, it comes out of the app completely. So I’m unable to get a track into the app to slow down , loop...
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    If you don’t ask....

    Firstly, I hope not to offend anyone, merely asking... I have the Yamaha DTX 6 kit, which can apparently take drum kit downloads direct from a usb stick. I’ve previously asked on here about EZ Drummer and Superior Drummer, and don’t have a laptop nor am I in anyway confident with using one with...
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    Dtx500 module better than DTX402?

    Just thinking about buying one as I think it may have more drums available vs my DTX482. I’ve seen the complete kits quite cheaply for sale used, so although the other components don’t seem to be an upgrade to my DTX482, it may be worth buying for the module. What do you experienced guys think?
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    Yamaha DTX402Touch module Rim shot possible?

    Firstly, many thanks for the help so far and I’m using the app as suggested- much much easier to select and tweak kits. But is there the facility to make rim shots on my DTX482 kit on the snare? Can’t seem to see it listed as an option on the drum list.. Also, once you tweak a kit, is it saved...
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    iPhone 6 to Yamaha DTX482 Apple adapter specifics

    Previous thread suggested connecting up to use the app Rec n share , so I need to know the exact item to buy, anyone know? I have a usb cable already , not sureif it’s the correct one though. Thanks.
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    Any pads feel the same as the Yamaha TCS pad material?

    I’ve swapped out the Alesis Nitro Mesh snare for one from a dtx 482 kits as I prefer the feel as a snare. I was looking for others as an alternative to mesh pads, as the other pads that came with the Yamaha kit are black rubber and don’t feel the same and are way noisier. Is this type of pad...
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    Silent sticks for edrums

    Are these any good? Just trying to reduce the thwacking noise on my cymbals (Yamaha). Thanks.
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    Plug and play drum kit software?

    Had a look at superior drummer etc on YouTube which seems great, but at this stage I’m only interested in getting access to better kits on my Alesis Nitro Mesh. Is there a how to guide somewhere that can give me what I’m after, advising cables needed, input sockets used on the kit and laptop/...