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  1. Todd Sucherman

    Todd Sucherman here!

    Thanks for the kind words, Jeremy!
  2. Todd Sucherman

    Sucherman-Stanbridge Empyrean snare drum

    Hey guys, I'm excited to announce something else that has been in the works for a while. Pete Stanbridge and I set out to create what we feel is the most personal, unique and exclusive percussion offering ever. It's the Todd Sucherman Signature Empyrean Stanbridge snare drum. I'm so proud to...
  3. Todd Sucherman

    Todd Sucherman here!

    Hey Everyone, Just dropping a note here at 5 am....just pulling into St. Louis after two amazing days in Chicago, my old hometown. I've received a lot of positive feedback from the trailer clip of my upcoming DVD, "Methods and Mechanics"shown here at Drummerworld and I thought I'd pass on some...