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  1. Rítmico

    Sonor SQ2 - best shell thickness

    Hello guys, I want order a new Sonor SQ2 maple drum set, 22", 8", 10", 12", 14" and 16". Who is the best (if it exists) shell thickness made by sonor? Vintage, thin, medium or heavy? I like play progressive rock, like "porcupine tree" and some jazz - funk like "incognito". On Sonor website...
  2. Rítmico

    Sonor SQ2 or DW Collector‘s? Please help!

    Hi, My name‘s Marcos, I‘m from Brazil, and I‘m preparing to buy a new drumset. I want buy my drums in another country (UK or USA), because here in Brazil a high end kit it‘s too expensive. It‘s impossible for me test these drums to choice the best drum sound (if it exists). I never saw a Sonor...