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  1. DrumDoug

    Replacement VicFirth DB22s

    My pair of VF DB22s broke and I went to buy another pair. They’ve been discontinued and all the places I checked online are out of stock. I’m sure VF didn’t make them. They bought them from somewhere and had their logo painted on. I tried a pair of generic ones I bought online and they weren’t...
  2. DrumDoug

    I can’t hear the song start on the upbeat.

    One of my bands it learning the live version of Boderline by Madonna. It’s from the 2008 Sticky and Sweet tour where she does it as a punk rock song. After some arguing at rehearsal I realized the song starts on the upbeat of 4 and the snare is playing quarters with the kick on the offbeat. The...
  3. DrumDoug

    Best single camera angle for online lessons

    I have been hired by a local music store to give drum lessons. Currently most of their lessons are done through Zoom. They said I can do the lessons from home. I setting up my drum room and rearranging things. I pulled my electronic kit out of storage because I think it will work better. I can...
  4. DrumDoug

    Question for those that play an “ergonomic” setup.

    I have a question for those of you that play with your bass drum off to the side for an ergonomic setup, like half of a double bass set. When you set your kit up for gigs, do you face the bass drum forward and then turn your body to the left, or do you face forward and turn your bass drum to the...
  5. DrumDoug

    Cross stick with BFSD

    I like using the BFSD to really mute my snare down for lower volume gigs. The one drawback I’ve found is that it really kills the cross stick sound. Other than using the butt end of the stick in the sweet spot, anyone have any suggestions on how to overcome this?
  6. DrumDoug


    I’ve always had trouble memorizing music. While reading about memory issues I came across an article about aphantasia. A person with aphantasia can not visualize things in their head. I was reading about a woman who can’t visualize her route to work. As she is driving along she constantly...
  7. DrumDoug

    How to re-flatten plastic muffling rings.

    I bought a set of Remo rings to really muffle my drums down for low volume gigs. The 13” ring won’t lay flat however. It was flat a first, but at the first gig I used it, I took it off at the end when things got a little louder and now it tries to twist into a figure 8. I tried to lay it on a...
  8. DrumDoug

    How loud to play in medium sized gigs.

    This question might seem to have an obvious answer, which made me not want to ask it. I know I’m going to get some snarky answers. But I think we could all benefit from a real discussion. I’ve been going out and watching more live music lately. One thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of drummers...
  9. DrumDoug

    How to share video with band mates?

    I recorded my bands performance last week and I want to share it with them. YouTube will copyright strike even a private video. Any ideas on how to share? Can you email an hour and a half long video?
  10. DrumDoug

    In-ears with no sound man.

    This could just be a coincidence, but I saw two different bands lately where everyone was using in-ears. Neither band had a dedicated sound man. One of the bands started with no vocals in the house mix. The other band barely had any vocals. I know what happened. Each person had their own mix...
  11. DrumDoug

    Interview to teach at School of Rock

    I have an interview next week for a drum instructor position at a new School of Rock location. I've looked at their website and read the job description. I was wondering if any of you guys have any experience with this organization? The more information I have going into the interview the...
  12. DrumDoug

    Neurological Problems

    There's been a topic I have wanted to bring up for a while. The reason I haven't is because I thought it would just sound like I was whining and making excuses. A couple of years ago I started having problems not being able to move my right foot and losing strength in my hands. It would...
  13. DrumDoug

    Grip and finger length

    I was perusing around the web and came across an article about finger length. Apparently most men have a shorter index finger than ring finger. My index finger on the other hand is about half an inch longer than my ring finger. This got my thinking about drumstick grip. A lot of teachers tell...
  14. DrumDoug

    Middle tom doesn't resonate

    My Yamaha Birch Custom kit has developed a problem with the middle rack tom not resonating. It only happens when I put it on the double tom holder on the bass drum. If I put it in the first place, it resonates fine. The same as when I put it on a stand by itself. When I put it in the middle...
  15. DrumDoug

    Import Duty from UK to USA?

    I am going to buy a Porter & Davies Gigster. If I buy it directly from the manufacture's website, it's about $300 less than I can get it anywhere here is the US, even with the shipping. However I have no idea how much import duty I will have to pay. I've looked around online and can't find...
  16. DrumDoug

    An actual artist's sticks.

    I bought a brick of Vic Firth 55As on eBay. The seller said they were a Vic Firth artist's who was clearing out their inventory. They have a signature on them that i can't make out. I don't want to post a picture because I don't want the artist to get in trouble for selling something he...
  17. DrumDoug

    New Pedal: Beater shaft hole too small.

    I just received my new Vector pedal today and was all excited to start playing it. It took it out of the box, went to put the beater on the pedal, and discoverd the hole was too small for the shaft to fit. I tried a couple other beaters I have, and neither of them would fit. I'll call the...
  18. DrumDoug

    Low Frequency Hearing Loss

    I've always had trouble hearing my bass drum in live situations, but lately it seems to be getting worse. I have acoustic gigs where I am playing as softly as I can with my hands, but as soon as the bass player comes in, my bass drum disappears. I had a gig yesterday where I was playing very...
  19. DrumDoug

    Lacquering your own sticks

    I remember reading a post a long time ago where someone talked about dipping their sticks in something that gave them a feel similar to the finish on Regal Tip sticks. I've done a search but can't find anything. Does any one do that or remember what that product was?
  20. DrumDoug

    Don't hire a sub better than you are.

    Last night I filled in for a drummer friend of mine. His band got an early evening gig and he couldn't get off work in time to get there. I filled in for him another time a few months ago. The gig itself had a few quirks. They sent me a set list of about 60 songs and I only know 20 of them...