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  1. Stefan Brodsky

    Evans '56 Calfskin/Toms

    Thinking of replacing batter head on my Yamaha MCAN 12" tom with an Evans '56 Calfskin. As background re this kit, on my other toms (smaller rack and FT) I 've been using Remo Vintage Emperors, coated and clear respectively, and they're great. I've learned since purchasing this kit new in 2010...
  2. Stefan Brodsky

    Tama Stewart Copeland Maintenance

    Picked up a used Tama Stewart Copeland COB snare about two years ago. Is in pretty good shape, though I was thinking of using some automotive (Meguiar's) chrome cleaner and polishing it up a bit. Doesn't look like there's any pitting. I'll take heads and rims off. ?-do I also need to remove the...
  3. Stefan Brodsky

    Insurance Estimate Guidelines

    We switched insurance companies recently and they are offering a rider to our homeowners policy which will cover my drums. I'm trying to get a decent replacement value number, which is representative of what they are worth. They are a 2009 set of Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Nouveaus in a...
  4. Stefan Brodsky

    Used Superkick II vs EMAD Clear

    After about 7 years, I figured my 20" Clear EMAD had seen it's best days. Removed and installed an older, yet very slightly used clear Aquarian SuperKick II, which I had in storage, since I subsituted the EMAD for it, shortly after getting my kit. I play a 2009 Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute...
  5. Stefan Brodsky

    Stick change suggestions

    After a recent jam session, where among 3 drummers, I nonetheless got some significant playing time, my right hand was pretty sore the next day: in my ring finger and palm. I do have what one MD said was the start of Dupuytren's contracture, though the degree of bend in that digit isn't that...
  6. Stefan Brodsky

    Why so many C & C kits on TV

    My drum shop guy said that the reason you see so many C & C kits on shows like CBS This Morning Saturday and Austin City Limits is that they give out free promotional kits to selected artists. I'm not connected to the endorsement world. Has anyone else heard that?
  7. Stefan Brodsky

    Aquarian Hi Frequency Coated ?

    One of our local drum shops had a "sidewalk" sale a few mos. back at which time I bought an Aquarian 10" Coated High Frequency batter for one of my rack toms. I play a Yamaha MCAN kit which was manufactured by Sakae, most likely in 2009, as I bought them in early '10. I normally like Remo...
  8. Stefan Brodsky

    User Name Reset

    Friends and fellow percussionists: I am hereby no longer EWGroove. Thanks to Bernhard, I was able to reset my User Name and use my real name. Despite the shades, I no longer need to be incognito. Everything else is the same. Oh and Matt (Bo) Eder- have been taking some photos out this way...
  9. Stefan Brodsky

    Paiste 602 Classic Ride/Stick positioning

    Recently purchased a new Paiste Formula 602 Classic 20" Medium Ride. While using a Vater 5A Sugar Maple (my main stick of choice these days), I have noticed that I get a little extra wash if stroked near the edge, but none, if hit about 1/3 of the way in. I'm guessing that (1/3 of the way in)...
  10. Stefan Brodsky

    Stick Mfgr Customer Relations

    Would like some feedback. I recently emailed one of Vater's Artist Relations/Marketing guys, just to compliment them on the 5A Sugar Maple wood tips, which I was turned on to by my local drum shop, and have been using consistently for nearly 3 years now. I also mentioned that I have one of their...
  11. Stefan Brodsky

    Ludwig Restoration

    Does anyone know if Arkansas Drumworks is still around? Have a friend with an older set of Ludwigs interested in some restoration. Or, if anyone knows about another restorer, please suggest.
  12. Stefan Brodsky

    Real Estate CBS This AM

    Just watched s segment from the Brooklyn - based band "Real Estate"on Saturday's CBS This Morning. Their drummer played a CC custom kit, though had placed towels/ cloths on all 3 up top drums. I realize they were performing in a TV studio, but thinner sticks and a perhaps a softer mic mix...
  13. Stefan Brodsky


    Not sure if you're aware but during a simple log onto the discussion forum over the past few days, my browser is immediately directed to this "computer cleanup" page...
  14. Stefan Brodsky

    Head Suggestions 2010 Maple Custom Absolute Nouveaus

    Do any of you have any head suggestions re: the 2nd rack- 9" x 12" and 14" x 14" floor? These are 4 year old MCANs. Am looking for a bit less ring on the larger toms, as I play a lot of old school R & B. Currently have Coated Aquarian Performance IIs on the 12" and 14". The 12" is too dead...
  15. Stefan Brodsky

    Head suggestions

    Can I get a recommendation for some heads? Have a 4-year old Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Nouveau with standard 10" 12" and 14" x 14" tom sizes. While I have dialed in the snare and bass, (coated Ambassador or an Evans coated G1 and an Emad) I have gone thru a cadre of heads trying to get a...
  16. Stefan Brodsky

    Darian Gray

    Posted this in the General Discussion page, and perhaps it should have been placed here: Caught an AXS-TV program performance of Booker T. Jones and Friends last night via Dish Network, and was thoroughly impressed with his drummer, Darian Gray. Very rhythmic, yet tasteful, with a wide variety...
  17. Stefan Brodsky

    Darian Gray

    Caught an AXS TV concert featuring Booker T. Jones and friends via Dish Network last night. Was very impressed with Booker T's drummer, Darian Gray. Very rhythmic, yet tasteful, with a wide range of chops, which suited Booker T's band perfectly. Does anybody else know much about him?
  18. Stefan Brodsky


    My Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Nouveaus, purchased in Jan.'10, though I believe they were manufactured in '09. 20" x 16", 8" x 10", 9" x 12", 14" x 14", Pearl Masters 5.5" x 14" 6- Ply Maple Snare, Zildjian Custom A 14" Mastersound Hats, Zildjian 16' (1971) Thin Crash, Sabian 20" (Mid 80s?)...
  19. Stefan Brodsky


  20. Stefan Brodsky

    YMCA Noveaus