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  1. LukeSnyder

    Blog article about basic signal flow

    Here's an article I wrote, hopefully you find it interesting!
  2. LukeSnyder

    First time recording with e-drums!

    So today I recorded a drum cover of Calyx & Tebee - Elevate this Sound. I just used the demo of Addictive Drums, and I quantized the sound as well. I'm pretty happy with the way it's come out. What do you guys think?
  3. LukeSnyder

    Addictive Drums (triggered through a cheap e-kit)

    I thought I'd share this quick little demo of what a really cheap e-kit (OSP DD-502) can sound like it you run the MIDI out to good software on your computer! I just downloaded the demo of Addictive Drums, and this is what it sounds like...
  4. LukeSnyder

    Anyone have experience with Alesis USB Pro kits?

    This is the drum kit I'm looking at right now: Essentially, I'm looking for something to use as a MIDI input into Logic, and that's what this is designed for. Does anyone have any opinions on it, or better/cheaper alternatives? It looks like I can get one of...
  5. LukeSnyder

    Evans new Level 360 drum heads

    Evans just emailed me today about these new heads, looks pretty exciting to me! Thoughts?
  6. LukeSnyder

    Here we go; I'm going to attempt to start my career!

    I haven't been around here for awhile, and there have been a few changes in my life. As of yesterday, I've decided that I'm moving out and going to start teaching drumming for a living. I'm going to a new area, and essentially starting from square one. I plan on living very frugally, for less...
  7. LukeSnyder

    Scheduling/payment management for drum students

    To all of those that maintain a busy teaching schedule, how do you do so? As of right now, I'm doing it via the archaic pen and paper calendar. Is there any free or cheap software that you could recommend to keep track of everything from payments and timetables to contact information?
  8. LukeSnyder

    BERMUDA IS A JERK!1!!!!1!1

    Look at this, he banned me! And autographed the banning! This is ridiculous!
  9. LukeSnyder

    I may be an apartment dweller before too long.

    And I haven't hardly glanced at e-drums in many, many years. So, recommend me the best e-drum kit out there for under $1000! I need to be able to record MIDI out, preferably via USB. EDIT This is what I've been thinking: Alesis USB Pro
  10. LukeSnyder

    New favorite way to impress students' parents

    Talking to the parent while their car is idling, listen to the engine, play a single stroke roll along to it, name the tempo within 10 bpm. Nailed it.
  11. LukeSnyder

    The New Breed... anyone done the WHOLE thing?

    As of right now, this is my new drumming goal, haha. I want to play EVERY combination in that book. It will serve as my groove and coordination practice for the next year or so. My question is, has anyone else here done this? I know a lot of people talk about the New Breed, but who has done the...
  12. LukeSnyder

    New gear, identify this cymbal!

    I got some cool new gear today (well, new to me)! To start off, an old Sonor Force 3 piece (22x18, 16x16, 12x10) that was re-wrapped with orange sparkle. I don't have the badges, but the tom mount is the Force Custom, so I think its a Force 1000 with 9 ply German Poplar shells. It has the old...
  13. LukeSnyder

    One handed drumming

    Well, I only have one hand until my collarbone heals. So, I am asking you, fellow forum members, give me a challenge! I want some difficult things to play, and I will learn them, and record them. Any ideas?
  14. LukeSnyder

    Fun experience teaching yesterday...

    As you may know, I smashed my collarbone into a few pieces a couple days ago. As a result, I can't move my left arm. It actually hurts to breathe, because the ends of the bones grind together when my lungs expand. Anyways, Tuesdays are the days that I teach my drum students. I didn't even think...
  15. LukeSnyder

    Trad vs. Matched grip, Thomas Lang

    I don't know if this has been posted here on DW yet, but I find this to be a fascinating read, and it also provides the single most convincing argument for matched grip that I have ever heard. Check it out:
  16. LukeSnyder

    New Near Field Studio Monitors?

    Hey forum, I'm pretty close to pulling the trigger on these monitors: To anyone with experience in the field, do you think I could get a better pair of monitors for the same $500 or less? I'm pretty set on having 8 inch cones, I'm mixing a lot of electronic...
  17. LukeSnyder

    Dubstep, anyone?

    So I've recently been getting into sequencing some dubstep tunes, and I have to say its quite a lot of fun! Here's a test mix of one of the tracks I've been working on, I'd like feedback on anything and everything, and I appreciate any tips anyone can give me, especially from guys who do audio...
  18. LukeSnyder

    Wat R the best Base drum peddles?

    Haha, just kidding! The reason I started this thread is because these babies just shipped out, I should get them in about 5 days! I'm extremely excited about them, I got a great deal, only $350! I don't know if these are going to be the perfect pedal for me, but they're definitely some of the...
  19. LukeSnyder


    I posted this in my drum video thread, but since its not really drum related, I think it would probably be better if I put it over here! I just put up a little dubstep demo tune that I'm working on, I'm in the process of learning how to program wobble basses. Its a lot of fun, and I'm making...