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  1. RayI

    Memorial Day

    Just wanted to say hope everyone has a good memorial day with their families wherever you may be . Stay safe , stay healthy Drum on
  2. RayI


    Drumnetics Magnetic Single Bass Drum Pedal This is a direct drive pedal since I can't go physically try one , does anybody have any experience with one of these or any direct drive pedal Thxs All
  3. RayI

    Acoustically Speaking

    I have my YSC kit in a spare bedroom backed up to the wall facing the door , while practicing tonight I thought how it would sound if I turned it around to face the wall anybody try this to hear how it would sound. Ok maybe I'm thinking too much during this quarantined period
  4. RayI

    Something Isnt Right

    Yamaha to Pearl and everything in between drum kits for sale for $ 98.00 , I think this was brought up before but seems to be selling drums at what must be a scam , cant find out where its even located , probably a waste of time anyway
  5. RayI

    Nicky Moon Cymbals

    Has anybody heard or have had hands on expirence with nicky moon cymbals 1 Series, Modern Angel and Dirty Angel cymbals. Thxs
  6. RayI

    Happy Easter

    Wishing everyone and their families during these trying times a blessed and Happy Easter Keep the Groove
  7. RayI

    Yamaha SC Advantage Kit

    New Member here guys , The 12" tom buzz's way too much , seems like it reverbs off the snare. I'm using a Pearl 5.5 snare , all other drums sound fine , I've tried everything . Need help Thxs