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  1. toddy

    Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed got bored at home yesterday & had a little jam edit; apparently drum covers violate youtubes terms of use, alternate link:
  2. toddy

    Austrian drum teachers

    i'm going to be in vienna during the summer and was wondering if anyone austrian can recommend any drum teachers? i would also be willing to take a trip to zurich or munich if anyone can recommend anyone there without massive waiting lists? preferably someone with a background in latin.
  3. toddy

    crazy hands and super hands

    A simple questionnaire to which you may give your opinion, if you are that way inclined; Do you play with your right hand on the hi-hat and your left hand on the snare, is there a reason for this? Do you play on the ride cymbal on your right side, with your left hand? If not, is there a...
  4. toddy

    the immovable object [live drums & bass mess around] just messing around with a tune a little practice session
  5. toddy

    Wormtung - Fathers For Justice [electrometal] needs some guitar and stuff on it, i've done everything on the track so far but we're going to make a live band out of it. should be fun.
  6. toddy

    [Corsairs.] Standing in a Zoo on a Boat without You - live drums something I composed today for fun, its sort of a work in progress needs more lyrics & some guitar. and a proper drum beat.
  7. toddy

    Waiting For You [pre-production demo] song name/lyrics changed.
  8. toddy

    Michael Caine [dubstep/electro free download] my band (live electronic dance music - drums/guitar/vox) will be releasing our first EP (for free) in April time once i get back from the states. this is just a little melody i started messing about with yesterday, which sort of grew...
  9. toddy

    What sports do You play?

    I was always interested in what the DW dudes (and dudettes) do to relax I play tennis/squash, a bit of football (soccer) and used to play rugby when i was younger
  10. toddy

    Big Up Drummerworld a tune about forums
  11. toddy

    SXSW 201 is anyone from DWorld going to be there? edit: 2012, i didn't mean to create a new year
  12. toddy


    no drums, just something me and my band are working on atm
  13. toddy

    snare shootouts

    wondering if anyone has a good collection of snare shootouts available? would love a pack of some 14 x 6.5 if possible, otherwise will check gearslutz... thanks in advance!
  14. toddy

    latin books?

    anyone got anything new recently they can recommend? already got all the mainstream books (conversations in clave, essence of afro cuban etc).
  15. toddy

    computer music production

    i was wondering if there are many people on the forum that make music via software/synths? be it dubstep, dnb, trance, bassline, pop, chiptune, anything. commercial or for fun. interested to hear peoples creations! [only linking one of my...
  16. toddy


    cool story bro this thread will contain random stuff that I play. none of the videos/songs will be on youtube due to copyright violations, all are on my own server. i only record over songs without drums. no covers. i will include some stuff of my own/my bands. Drums over Acoustic Bat For...
  17. toddy

    drum teachers in the UK? (south of london).

    hello, i really didn't know where to put this, but i wanted it to have alot of views, so i put it here. i need to find one asap... i know there is a 'drum teacher' thread, but that doesn't have many people from the UK in it. no one really from the south either. plus i didn't want to just post in...