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  1. harryconway

    Tama Swingstar questions

    Accu-tone hoops date that kit to late 90's, I think. Tama was still using 8 ply Philippine Mahogany shells. There's a lot of nuance in early (70's) Imperialstar, Royalstar, and Swingstar shells (essentially 9 ply Philippine Mahogany shells with Zola coated interiors) ...... so not knowing what...
  2. harryconway

    Decent Used Drums for around $600-$800

    What's the kit you currently own ..... and what type of music do you play? That will determine what I'd suggest. I you really are serious about wanting just a bass, snare, hi hat, crash ...... I'd suggest (for starter suggestions) a kick that's a different size to your current set. I've got...
  3. harryconway

    Need advise selling a Tama drum kit, noob! ;-)

    Mega 50 would be sized 24, 13, 14, 18. My post was before you listed the size of your drums. And cbphoto and me were "speculating" on what you had.
  4. harryconway

    New to me Ludwigs

    The Natural Maple/Thermogloss is my fav. Luddie finish. Very cool additions.
  5. harryconway

    Pearl or Taye?

    Another vote for the Taye. For all the reasons you don't like the Exports, the Taye does sidesteps those issues.
  6. harryconway

    Roland HPD-20

    You shouldn't use sticks on it ..... so if your want to use sticks ..... something like the SPD-SX or SPD-30 would be the way to go.
  7. harryconway

    Does buying pre owned bother you?

    Last time I bought a "new" drum set, was 1980. Current stable has 11 drum kits, 7 snares and 33 cymbals in it ..... all purchased used.
  8. harryconway

    Hello All! Thanks for adding me

    Killer drum room. Welcome to Drummerworld.
  9. harryconway

    Real Gretsch drums or no?

    That's a score !!!
  10. harryconway

    Real Gretsch drums or no?

    I'm not a fan of hanging floor toms ..... but pictured is a bass drum, two racks, two floors ..... snare and hardware/cymbals included? I could see someone asking $3K or there abouts.
  11. harryconway

    Real Gretsch drums or no?

    Your photo next to a Gretsch Blackhawk I got off the internet ......
  12. harryconway

    Recommended Hi-Hats

    Zildjian A Special Recording hats .....
  13. harryconway

    My minimalist hybrit kit

    Kudos. I've been a fan of hybrid kits for quite a while, now.
  14. harryconway

    Best heads for Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage

    Evans described Black Chrome head as "Evans Black Chrome drumheads are ideal for drummers who hit hard, play fast, and desire a punchy tone. Featuring a two-ply construction with a ply of 7mil optically clear film over a 7.5mil black film that shortens sustain and provides an accentuated...
  15. harryconway

    This trend of adding objects onto playing surfaces...

    I've been following Etienne for about 4 years. Check out this 48" cymbal he made.
  16. harryconway

    The Orlando Drummer: Why I Hate 12 Inch Rack Toms

    All I did was click on his name to bring up his YouTube channel, and the video "3 Violent Fills" starts playing, and I immediately recognize Nick DePirro's guitar playing. So, wow, small world, I follow Nick on IG, because I follow Aric Improta (originally discovered thru a Morfbeats link) ...
  17. harryconway

    Need help identifying Slingerlands

    Actually ..... my initial statement is wrong. (by straight shell, I meant no reinforcement ring). Upon looking closer to your photo. Slingerland produced both a 3 ply with reinforcement ring shell and a 5 ply straight shell (no reinforcement ring) ..... and for quite a few years they offered...
  18. harryconway

    The Orlando Drummer: Why I Hate 12 Inch Rack Toms

    He sounds pretty good here .....
  19. harryconway

    Remo roto tom set

    So he's got the 18" as his kick, and 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 inchers rack and floor. He IS asking a little much. $1800 US. But figure around $1000 just in roto toms. Those 18's go for over $400 now, on eBay. I'm on my 3rd go-round with roto toms.