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  1. Naigewron

    Phil Rudd's Views on Click Tracks

    The computer doesn't say anything, it's a tool like any other tool in the studio. It's flesh and blood people who are making those decisions, and we can always choose to work with other people instead. Stop blaming computers, click tracks, samples and software for the music you don't like. If...
  2. Naigewron

    Phil Rudd's Views on Click Tracks

    The way I see it, click tracks in the studio have two main purposes: - It will keep the drummer and/or band in line if they have a tendency to rush or drag (where it doesn't fit the song) - It allows for easy editing of tracks after recording - You can cut any part from any take and replace it...
  3. Naigewron

    Ever mount a small mixer to a drum stand? Show me pics! :)

    I just used a stand-mounted percussion table. Gave me space for a few extra things too.
  4. Naigewron

    What cost you more? Your car or your music gear?

    These days, definitely my cars (we have two of them). That's only been the case for the last five years though, after moving to the country (which meant we needed two cars) and becoming a dad (which meant we needed something safe and reasonably sized). Until that, I'd say my gear had a...
  5. Naigewron

    Why, when I "like" a post...

    I'm 99% sure this was just a ploy to get people to like your post because they wanted to test your claim. For the record: I did not get a confirmation page
  6. Naigewron

    Eddie Van Halen Dies

    Eddie blew my young mind wide open one day back in the early 90s. Without him, I'm honestly not sure I would be a musician at all. Rest in peace Eddie, you absolute legend.
  7. Naigewron

    Songs that mention other songs

    Not sure he's referencing Bombtrack. What he says is "coming at you with another bomb track", which might just be him saying "Here's another cool song for you". Who knows though?
  8. Naigewron

    Songs that mention other songs

    Spock's Beard - June References another Spock's Beard song with the line "and the crowd kept on singing Waste Away but it just didn't feel right" Then there's this madness verse from Dream Theater's song "Octavarium" which just makes one long run-on sentence from the names of other songs and...
  9. Naigewron

    Is it an innie or an outie?

    Playing side. You can see that the edge is flat on the floor. Also, you can't see the floor through the centre hole.
  10. Naigewron

    DW Drums Kitbuilder - forever under construction?

    It's been under construction for at least a few years now
  11. Naigewron

    guitar help!

    Depends. If you want to go with the classic strat triple-single coil configuration, you'll be fine with any body. The huge hole (often called a swimming pool route) is handy if you want to keep your options open and maybe chuck a humbucker or two in there somewhere.
  12. Naigewron

    guitar help!

    Yes, neck pocket dimensions and shape. Not all necks fit all guitars, even if the scale length matches. Telecaster necks won't even fit Stratocasters and vice versa. I recommend heading over to the Strat-Talk forums; they'll answer any and all questions you may have :)...
  13. Naigewron

    Who has a centered cable hat setup?

    I've considered trying a centre hihat in the past, but I play too many random house kits to get used to such an unconventional setup.
  14. Naigewron

    What ultimately made you decide on the brand of drums you play?

    I bought my first Mapex kit partly because of price and availability, and partly because I was a massive fan of Nick D'Virgilio. That first kit was a Mapex M. After that, I've just stuck with the brand because I love them. Great sound, quality hardware, nice price, cool finishes, etc. I'm now...
  15. Naigewron

    What's your Drummerworld number?

    28. A few more than I would have guessed. I have probably seen a few of the typical hired gun players too, but not been aware of who they were at the time. Daniel Adair - Nickelback, Melbourne, 2006 Morgan Agren - Devin Townsend, Copenhagen, 2019 John Blackwell - Drum clinic, Melbourne, 2005...
  16. Naigewron

    Travis barker playing with no ear protection ?!?

    According to himself, Simon Phillips never wears hearing protection or in-ears. He doesn't play as loudly as Travis does, but after over 40 years of playing huge rock shows that has to have taken a massive toll on his hearing. Wear earplugs kids.
  17. Naigewron

    Different Member Levels

    This might be a forum migration thing then. Anyone registered after the move gets those titles, while members from the old forum still have their old titles (junior member, senior member, platinum member, etc).
  18. Naigewron

    Different Member Levels

    Or "DW pro drummer"
  19. Naigewron

    Different Member Levels

    Yeah, the "Well-known member" title seems to be handled a bit differently. Not sure why
  20. Naigewron

    Pro-Mark......Your Thoughts?

    I used to play Pro-Mark a lot in the early 2000s and remember liking them. Moved over to mostly playing Regal Tip and then Vic Firth for reasons I can't remember now. I'll also often play Wincent. I'm not picky about sticks at all. Bought a brick of Pro-Marks again a couple of years ago, but...