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  1. graysonator

    Aquarian Hi-Energy Clear Snare Batter

    Just wanted to post a review of this head, if any of y'all are curious about it. This head features a single ply of 10 mil and it has a very thin layer of their reverse dot material bonded to the surface of the head, with that it also has another dot on top for added focus. If high and tight is...
  2. graysonator

    Newest (re)-build!!

    So my grandpa and I rebuilt a snare that we made back in March. The first one turned out poorly with an out of round shell but this new shell is definitely improved! This is a 5x13 100% figured bubinga shell with black nickel plated gretsch style lugs. The shell is a 1/4” thick and I also have...
  3. graysonator

    Attention all raw bell dry ride owners...

    I found one for around 250 brand new and I am considering pulling the plug.. What do y'all like about your RBDR whether it be an HH, AAX etc. And I'm looking at the AA model in particular
  4. graysonator

    I’ve been noticing some cymbals are getting heavier than they used to be...

    My 21 AAX medium ride weighs close to 2400-2500. Something in between there. I bought this cymbal last year, but today I noticed there was a MDS video showcasing the same cymbal, but this one came in at around 2730. Almost 200g heavier than mine. It sounded a lot higher pitched. What are your...
  5. graysonator

    My New Snare!

    After a lot of suggestions and thinking, I decided to go with a Pork Pie Patina Brass 13 x 7 model. It’s such a great snare man, lots of depth and low end while still maintaining a nice thwap! Highly recommend! oh yea, should mention, Evans UV2 on the batter side! ;)
  6. graysonator

    These drums sound great man...🔥🔥

    I was just practicing in the upstairs room, doing my warmups and my assigned exercises, but I just wanted for you guys to hear how my drums sound just in general, got them nicely tuned up! punchy kick, deep toms, crackin‘ snare, my ideal kit!
  7. graysonator

    Kit Tour!

    Here is my drum setup I use for daily practice! Sorry it’s a bit messy, have some tidying up to do yet. Pearl Decade Maple in Satin Brown Burst 22 x 18 kick drum 12 x 8 rack tom 16 x 16 floor tom 18 x 16 floor tom Custom-made snare drums by me and my Grandpa in our shop: 14 x 6 cocobolo with...
  8. graysonator

    Gretsch USA Bronze Snare

    So some of you may have read a forum of mine, where I was looking at getting a metal snare. I’ve changed my mind and this is the snare I’m looking at! I’m leaning towards the 14 x 5 model, I’m normally a 6, 6.5 inch guy, but I wanted to try something different for a change. I’m thinking the 5...
  9. graysonator

    Evans ST Dry Snare Head

    I’m in the process of changing my old Aquarian heads out and I wanted to try out some Evans heads. I already have a G14 for my 13” bubinga snare drum and it sounds so thick and rich and I love it so much! I have an ST dry on the way for my 14” cocobolo snare and I’m excited to try it out. Have...
  10. graysonator

    20” kicks anyone?

    My dream kick size is a 20 x 14! Do any of y’all use one?
  11. graysonator

    Has anyone tried the Aquarian Impact series bass drum heads?

    I've been wanting to try this head SOOO badly
  12. graysonator

    Custom made Cocobolo rosewood snare drum 14 x 6

    So this is a drum me and my grandpa built together with some exotic rosewood he's had for over 15 years! It sounds really punchy!
  13. graysonator

    I'm looking at getting a metal snare. Any recommendations?

    I've never owned a metal snare before, so I want something darker sounding than steel or aluminum in the <$500 range , i'm leaning towards the pork pie 14 x 6.5 patina brass snare, but I wanted to know if you guys have some better recommendations.
  14. graysonator

    What's a good brass snare drum you guys recommend?

    I've never owned a metal snare before, I wanted something a bit darker than steel or aluminum, so i was thinking maybe the 14 x 6.5 pork pie patina brass or a dw design series black nickel over brass. do any of you have any better recommendations? Cheers!