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  1. sacco

    Gretsch Renown - Issue with 20" Bass Drum

    Well, maybe because: (i) not everybody wants to strike a bass drum in the center and (ii) it is always possible to adjust the beater's height ...
  2. sacco

    Show us your SEVEN piece kits

    Sometimes I use the 18" bass drum you see in the back and an 8" tom, but currently this is the setup I prefer.
  3. sacco

    Intermediate Jazz Independence Ideas

    Love your touch!
  4. sacco

    Can anyone ID this kit, or just eyeball the diameter of the bass drum?

    As somebody already said, the set is an Amati from former Czechoslovakia. Have a look here Amati - Kraslice, Czechoslovak Drums and Percussion and here Amati: Once, an object of desire. Based on what I know and read about Amati, I think the diameter of their drums was in inches and not in cm...
  5. sacco

    AE Hybrid | Drums - new electronic drum company from Germany

    Quite impressive! The demos are nice and convincing. May I make a suggestion? Open a thread under «Drum Gear - Recording - Mixing» => «Drums» and/or «Electronic Drums».
  6. sacco

    New Gloryhammer live video

    Definitely not my cup of tea, but extremely well done and excellent, solid drumming!
  7. sacco

    8" Toms

    I've been using an 8" tom since 1991 and I like it very much, even if I recognise that it is not always easy to tune it so that it does not interfere too much with my snares ... Tamburo Original maple stave set - 18" BD - 8" - 10" - 12" - 13" - 14" and two 14" snares (6.5" and 4.25").
  8. sacco

    Gretsch was good enough for Remo.

    Have a look at this article: nice picture of Belli playing a Gretsch kit in 1947 as well as interesting infos about the first plastic drumhead, that was not a Remo!
  9. sacco

    DS Rebel Custom Shop wood comparison

    ... and there is also an interesting bass drum comparison: DS Rebel BD comparison
  10. sacco

    DS Rebel Custom Shop wood comparison

    I stumbled on this video, made by Italian drum builder DS, which compares various woods used for their Rebel Custom Shop models, and I found it quite interesting (headphones recommended): DS Rebel Custom Shop Comparison By the way: their website really deserves a visit: DS Drums.
  11. sacco

    Jazz lovers here?

    Really great, your playing is absolutely outstanding! And your right hand grip is fantastic: I'm still trying to figure out how you use your little finger ...
  12. sacco

    Want your input on steel snare drums.....

    About a year ago, through Facebook's market place, I happened upon a Tama King Beat with parallel thow off that was sold for the equivalent of about 90 USD. The snare was pretty used, but I told myself that in the worst case scenario I could keep the two die cast hoops. Anyway, after I gave it a...
  13. sacco

    Sheffield Songo - (Peter Fernandes)

    Bravo Fabio, very nice, great playing!
  14. sacco

    50 songs in 2 years

    I sincerely invite everybody here to watch that video, which is definitely quite different - in a very positive way - from what we normally see / hear today. And beside the interesting compositions CYP's drumming is really excellent!
  15. sacco

    50 songs in 2 years

    Oh, I did not intend it as a criticism: at the opposite, I find it very interesting that somebody try to keep Zappa's aesthetic alive in new forms!
  16. sacco

    50 songs in 2 years

    Nice!!! And quite Zappa-esque!
  17. sacco

    Cobham's yellow kit

    Finally an answer, thank you so much! I thought Hinger only made snare drums, so I am quite surprised to hear that the whole kit was made by Hinger! Actually when I spoke to Mr Cobham some years ago I also understood these drums were made out of some recycled paper, and now you confirm that...
  18. sacco

    New Stave/Solid Wood Drums

    Hi, I suggest you post your request under this forum («Drums»), because I imagine that nobody will answer your question here. Good luck!
  19. sacco

    My 3 year old son playing Uptown Funk

    Wow, not only is he very precise, he also has an expressive and groovy playing! His right hand on the hi hat is fantastic! Great future for him!
  20. sacco

    What is your workhorse snare from your collection?

    During the last couple of months I have been mainly using a COB Supra 5" deep that my wife offered me about 12 years ago and that I was never able to tune correctly. I did use it very rarely for years, until I learned how to make it sound and feel the way I wanted it to sound and feel, and it...