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  1. Fox622003

    "The Agora" - Action web series

    Hey guys, me and a couple of friends have been working on an action web series. I think the end result is pretty cool for the first episode, and it'd be great if more people see it as we have plans for making other episodes, but it really depends on the feedback, and if there's people actually...
  2. Fox622003

    Older recording

    I rarely post here, and I wish I could had posted some video footage for this one, as well as a re-recorded version (this is from last year). The mixing is horrible, and the playing is not really top notch, either (plus, I've made a couple of changes to the parts here and there since then). The...
  3. Fox622003

    Soundtest Biaxident!

    Hey guys, so I was trying different positioning and postproduction on my drums the other day and I played this part that reminded me of this track by LTE; I'm not really a fan of Mike Portnoy or Dream Theater, but I found a midi and just started playing over it, and I have to admit it was fun...
  4. Fox622003

    8mm threaded Cymbal Stands other than DW?

    I recently bought one of those DW Cymbal Stackers, but found out it wouldn't fit on my Sonor stands when I got home, I do need an extra stand, so I might as well get a DW, but would like to know on which other brands' stands it'll fit. Thanks, Fox.
  5. Fox622003

    Drum Lesson with Fran Merante

    As you may have seen, Fran recently posted a thread about starting giving online lessons, and he requested a test subject; here's my impression: First off, he is going to offer two different types of lessons, individual lessons, and group "mini" clinics about different subjects for a group of...
  6. Fox622003

    Remo Roto Toms for all around playing

    Alright, that's the main question. I was thinking in getting roto toms, but not really to add more toms, I'm looking for a more latin, jazzy, reggae kind of addition (or to add sound elements from those genres to my general playing). And 200 and some bucks for THE roto toms seems a lot cheaper...
  7. Fox622003

    Mixer: Allen & Heath or Yamaha?

    A while back I asked about getting a budget home recording set up for my drums and other instruments, now I'm close to buying, and as for the mixer, I can't decide if it's worth it to pay the extra cash (300 dollars) for the Allen & Heath one. I want it for recording at home and...
  8. Fox622003

    Drum Mics and Mixer

    So, I was going to buy some recording gear, I need something as professional as I can get, but on a moderate budget. Here's what I had in mind:
  9. Fox622003

    Some Grooves and Fills on SONOR Force 3007 + Assorted Stagg Cymbals

    Here it goes, just a little video I put together for some other forum in which a few people wanted to see some footage of my drums and cymbals. Hope someone checks it out, and advice or criticism is ALWAYS welcome. And yeah, I'm very, very glad Gavin Harrison doesn't check this part of the...
  10. Fox622003

    Stagg DH and SH - Are they gonna break?

    Hey, I've been considering a switch to Stagg for a while, since known-brand cymbals are WAY too expensive in my country. I've purchased a Splash (Myra, 8") and a Crash (Furia, 17"). I tried several cymbals and those really stood out. Now, I didn't even try DH and SH lines, because they are...