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  1. Roscoe Joe

    Ride bell advice

    Anyone recommend a medium/thin or thin ride with a largish bell? My aim on the bell ain't that great due to my poor vision.
  2. Roscoe Joe

    Soultone Vintage Old School 1964

    I'm interested in '50's/'60's jazz. What are your thoughts on Soultone Vintage Old School 1964? Also intetested in other brand series for the style.
  3. Roscoe Joe

    Not Seen Before

    Hi all. Been browsing the Fb marketplace and came across these being sold with a drumkit. Can't quite make out the brand so does anyone know anything about these? Thanks.
  4. Roscoe Joe

    Paiste Jazz Rock Ride Value

    Hi gang, I've got an old 20" Paiste 2002 Jazz Rock Ride which I'm planning on shipping for some restoration but I can't seem to find a value for insurance. Anyone got any idea how much they'd be worth these days? Thanks
  5. Roscoe Joe

    Zildjin K Constantinople Ride Types

    Just been looking through the latest Zildjian catalogue and in the K Con list they have "Medium Thin Ride, High" and "Medium Thin Ride, Low". So the question is: What's the difference between "High" and "Low" ride cymbals?
  6. Roscoe Joe

    Evans Hydraulic or other

    Recently bought a Ludwig Breakbeats kit. As is was not happy with the bass sound so have been trying different tricks. It's now much better than it was. My question is, how would an Evans hydraulic head go as a reso head? Thinking about this head out of aesthetics but if it's not going to help...
  7. Roscoe Joe

    Effects For Acoustic Drums

    Hi gang, just seeking advice. Some years ago I did a gig where the sound guy thew a cool effect on the snare and it got me thinking, now I'm in a position to experiment. I'm thinking of micing up my kick, with an effects pedal and was wondering what would be a good, inexpensive pedal to add a...