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  1. SlitYourDrums

    Stack ideas

    A stack I used to use a lot was a slightly cracked 8" Paiste cup chime (don't ask) and a 6" Zildjian A custom splash. Weird pairing but it was really cool sounding! Would still use it but my setup has been downsized significantly.
  2. SlitYourDrums

    Which Paiste China?

    I mainly use a 20" RUDE Novo, but will sometimes in addition I will use an 18" Alpha (cracked), a 14" Wuhan, and a 12" Wuhan. Novo's have a TON of sustain but imo make a great secondary china because they are different sounding. Id check out the 2002 Wild chinas. Loud but has VERY little...
  3. SlitYourDrums

    Yamaha Stage Custom tom with Maple Custom

    Hi everyone. It's been a minute since Ive been on here. Anyways, I have a Yamaha Maple Custom that I absolutely love. However, I really want an 8" tom. But to get a matching Maple Custom tom can be up to $500 which Im not willing to spend. A Stage Custom Birch one is $80. Obviously there will...
  4. SlitYourDrums

    Using kick tower live

    Hey guys, been a while since I've been on here. Anyways I play extreme metal, I gig, and I hate bass drums. I took Jon Engman and that dude from Akercocke's idea of using a kick tower or two in place of a bass drum. It would run through a module so it would be the same as triggering. What does...
  5. SlitYourDrums

    Importance of drum bags/cases

    My band is getting ready to start gigging and I have realized I am lacking any protection for my drums. I have a Yamaha Maple Custom and I feel it would be a good idea to protect them, but we plan on gigging very occasionally (like maybe a few times a month) locally or in the surrounding area...
  6. SlitYourDrums

    Best Mini China

    I am looking to buy a mini china (12" or less) and I am not sure which to buy. I don't want to spend a ton of money (think less than $100) on it either so I am going avoid the nice Sabian or Zildjian ones. What do you guys recommend?
  7. SlitYourDrums

    Zoom H4n

    Hey guys So for with my Christmas I might buy a Zoom H4n. I have a few questions: What is your experience with it and what do you use it for? Does it work well with using two extra mics? If so, what bass drum and snare mic should I buy? How's the sound quality? How does it transfer to your...
  8. SlitYourDrums

    Musicians Friend Paiste Alphas?

    Does anyone know whats going on with these? All Musicians Friend has for Paiste Alpha crashes are like 16" and 17". The other aren't listed as out of stock, they just aren't listed at all. Is MF going to stop carrying Alpha or something? Is Paiste going to discontinue them? I also noticed this...
  9. SlitYourDrums

    Recording Newb

    I'm sure I have posted plenty about recording, but this time I'm serious about getting some. I know absolutely nothing about recording, and I do not know what equipment I need either, besides mics. Can somebody kinda give me some pointers and recommendations for gear? Thank you so much.
  10. SlitYourDrums

    Changing username?

    How did that one guy duck tape or something change his name? My name is the band I was in when I made this account, and the band has long since been disbanded. I would like to change that.
  11. SlitYourDrums

    Best Cheap Pedals

    So I have my main kit, my beautiful Yammies with all my nice gear and high end Paistes and Flying Dragons. But I have my old kit, my Ludwig Accent, which I want to turn into like a monster kit. What are some cheap, but good quality single pedals, like under $100? I don't want to spend a lot...
  12. SlitYourDrums

    Washy china?

    Hey guys So I'm looking for a china with lots of wash if that makes sense. A good example of what I'm talking about is the monster Richard Christy uses on The Sound of Perseverance by Death That china is a 20" Sabian B8 pro which they sadly don't make...
  13. SlitYourDrums

    Drum Machine

    Guys, I have a dilemma. So my band is recording our first EP thingy, but we ran into a couple of issues. My guitarist is completely capable of recording guitars and the such in hi-fi, but drums have become a problem. None of us own proper equipment and my e-kit doesn't sound realistic...
  14. SlitYourDrums

    Yamaha Flying Dragons Adjustment

    Hey guys I just picked up a pair of Flying Dragons. I heard great things about this and I got a decent price on them ($200). I come from Cobras so obviously these are dramatically different in feel, but I am already getting used to them. Anyways, the footboards seem a bit flat, does anyone...
  15. SlitYourDrums

    Trick Dominator vs Big Foot

    Before anyone says "Search", I did, and they did not provide me with the information I needed. Anyways, I'm looking at these, and I honestly cannot tell a difference between the two, except $250. Can any owners give me an explanation? Thanks.
  16. SlitYourDrums

    Jazz setup

    Hey guys I'm going out of my normal realm of extreme metal and I'm actually in a little jazz group. We have a gig soon at a small winery and I'm not really sure what to bring. Can some of you jazz guys give some tips and maybe post pictures of your kits? Thanks
  17. SlitYourDrums

    Yamaha Maple Custom add-ons

    Hey guys So like a month ago I bought my Yamaha Maple Custom. I love this kit, but it has been discontinued since 2010 or something, I'm not quite sure. Anyways, its not made anymore, and later on I want to buy a 16" floor tom and maybe even another bass drum. Can I order these directly from...
  18. SlitYourDrums

    Ludwig snare

    Hey guys, So a few weeks ago I got this Ludwig snare. I believe it to be a Rocker bronze snare. Can someone please verify this and if so, what is it worth? I like it but I don't need it and my buddy really wants it.
  19. SlitYourDrums

    Other pedals??

    Ok so I am sure everyone has seen a kit with multiple sets of pedals. Like there will be 6 pedals total on the ground. I cannot include a pic since i am on my phone, but can someone please explain what like, 4 other pedals on a kit can possibly be? I suppose one can be a remote hi hat.
  20. SlitYourDrums

    New kit!

    Hey guys, So today I bought my new kit. It is a Yamaha Maple Custom in natural and is just beautiful in every way. Sounds good, but tomorrow im going to tune it with my drum watch. Sizes are 10", 12", 13", 14", and 22". Im not entirely sure what the depths are. Currently I dont have the 13"...