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  1. Spreggy

    Who are the top three drummers you admire and why ?

    I've always considered Phil Collins and Manu Katche as particularly brilliant voices on the drum set. Moon, too. Nobody plays like him, and Buddy Rich liked his playing. But now I'm discovering the jazz greats and they're just killing my perspective. The genre is just so much more musical...
  2. Spreggy

    Am I too old to start drumming?

    Someone once said you're not free again until the last kid moves out and the last dog dies, and I agree wholeheartedly. Once your schedule opens wide and the gremlins stop siphoning all the cash out of your wallet, the world is once again your oyster. Take no age arguments, and have all the...
  3. Spreggy

    What is "Worship Music"?

    You could write your own, genuinely original music in the hard bop genre for instance, and you could probably even call yourselves a hard bop quartet doing just your brand new original music that strictly follows the traits of hard bop. But hard bop was a thing that happened at a specific time...
  4. Spreggy

    Am I too old to start drumming?

    The older you are, the more maturely you approach things like learning an instrument. Highest priority: get a teacher. 2nd priority: read the above line. Good luck!
  5. Spreggy

    What is "Worship Music"?

    Weckl and Pridgin are prog legends? Pridgen wasn't alive when prog happened, and Dave Weckl wasn't part of that scene. Here we go, let's have a genre fight!
  6. Spreggy

    What is "Worship Music"?

    Worship? That's when someone starts a Vinnie thread about some topic like "how can he be so amazingly awesome" or some such, and everybody chimes in OMG OMG he's so amazing!!!!! OMG OMG OMG best drummer ever I think!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!! ;)
  7. Spreggy

    This trend of adding objects onto playing surfaces...

    I think it all started back around the time when something much like this was made in the 80s, spawning a torrent of bands styled akin to Edie Brickell to invade the coffee shops of America with their tam-festooned drum set objects and buckets of patchouli oil. When something like this goes...
  8. Spreggy

    Vinnie can do it all.

    I believe the 10,000 hr thing has been debunked. But, I believe it's completely how much time and exposure you get. A lot of studies have been done on talent, and the common thread is desire and practice. No sign of "talent" as its own factor exists, apparently. Here's a great interview where...
  9. Spreggy

    Drum Teacher Time-Wasting?

    A bit of advice you may not need: changing teachers is like changing sweethearts. Lay the groundwork early in the relationship as far as expectations and goals. A teacher would certainly do a better job if they know what you want to accomplish. Also reminding the expectations now and again...
  10. Spreggy

    What is a "Stage Ride"?

    I have an HHX Stage Ride 20", used it for gigs (bars and weddings) for years. Decent stick definition, has an interesting shimmer to it. Loud enough for rock and roll.
  11. Spreggy

    Examples of good swing to play along with

    Here are some Spotify playlists I use often. I like lists that have a singular focus, like all brushes or 12 bar and so on.
  12. Spreggy

    Dominant side (way) slower than non-dominant with singles

    Hey Jassz, I recently started with a great teacher. I've played for 50 years, I should know what I'm doing, but right off the bat he pointed out how uneven my hands were and convinced me that was the first thing to work on. He made me realize my singles and doubles were like a galloping horse...
  13. Spreggy

    Zappa's Laurel Canyon Home

    It's not like they sold it to "The Weekend" or some other talent-lite pop autotunebot. LG, you have to admit, has shown an astounding amount of talent and range. I'm a diehard Z fan, but let's be honest he made a lot of money too. She's wacky enough that they may have gotten along well. Her...
  14. Spreggy

    Yamaha Stage Custom v.s. Gretsch Catalina Maple

    My reflex, in working with other instruments, is the opposite. Harder woods typically produce brighter, focused tone, and maple is harder than birch. Unscientifically speaking, I've come to the belief that bearing edges, head selection, and shell thickness matters a great deal more than the...
  15. Spreggy

    Yamaha Stage Custom v.s. Gretsch Catalina Maple

    I compared them and most others in their price range (Pearl, Ludwig, etc) and Yamaha was the clear winner. Better everything: hdwr, mounts, workmanship, finish. I have the 20" bass and it's really loud, louder that the 22" I replaced. No idea why, sucker just rips.
  16. Spreggy

    Thoughts on setup (8" tom in particular).

    I assume your 14" is the floor tom? Having 2 up 2 down is very fun to play. Three across the top looks badass in a stadium rock sort of way, but it widens the space between hats and cymbals and so on.
  17. Spreggy

    Paradiddle / Hat Problem

    Once you can do the individul parts, put them together as slowly as you need to to play it right. Play it that way for a good while, like half an hour if you have the patience. Then do it again tomorrow. I swear if you do it daily it will feel fast and natural in a month. Your nervous system...
  18. Spreggy

    Discussion- Worst Song You've Heard

    I have a new one, for me at least. Whatever that "music" was during the halftime show, that meandering piece of pop sewage, devoid of all soul, performed poorly even though lip-synced, absent any redeeming qualities. And who in the world spawned this genre of "entertainment" whereby a singer...
  19. Spreggy

    Most beautiful drum tracks??

    Not to beat a dead horse here but man the pocket is so deep here at 3:14. And I love the way Tony's ears are glued to his drummer and keys, pegging everything. Check out just a couple lines. They're so together it's like an impenetrable wall of awesome.
  20. Spreggy

    Most beautiful drum tracks??

    Speaking of Manu, who fits in this thread for having a particularly elegant voice on the drum set at all times. Actually two great drum performances in one song here; Manu on kit and Tony Levin on the bass with his drumsticky finger things: