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  1. Ransan

    Does buying pre owned bother you?

    Exactly my enigma with vintage as well. Besides my Ludwigs that I went to St. Louis to pick up, I just displaced them to a different region here in Colorado. I wonder what my Rogers Eagle Badge Mardi Gras kit has seen, and played out being from the East Coast. Seller’s living in Colorado...
  2. Ransan

    Customizing your kit

    That’s a beautiful kit and space also very cool on the reso initials. I want my initials logo’d ‘RS’ for my Rogers drums. Did you do the shield and striping yourself or where did you have this done?
  3. Ransan

    The most beautiful drum shells finishes

    Ahh the Capri Pearl, was just looking at the Slingy finishes from early on. The 3 sparkled diamonds were a nice option or touch to have as well, and the abalone pearl is a beautiful finish, would be a sight to behold. For me it’s either Mardi Gras, or Ludwigs black galaxy, champagne, red, blue...
  4. Ransan


    Howdy Y’all - I’m from Lubbock, Texas partner! Where the saints, slow handed gunslingers, and crooked tinhorns roost forever and five o clock shadows can’t help but get their own feathers rustled. Ok I’ll stop now. Floydada, TX a small farming community an hour outside of Lubbock - considered...
  5. Ransan


    Dang what’re the hell ya fellers doin in the Outback as far as brew?! Fancy Motion pictures don’t do’er justice fer American pick’rup lively hood! Punkin’ spice ain’t got nothin fer clearin’ the ‘ol wearied sodbuster from the red eye. Westward, us drivin folk’ve been kept up b’side fires with...
  6. Ransan

    Mick Fleetwood

    Yes my story is much like OPs! My early influence was Mick Fleetwood and Peter Criss, I am 38 and still hold those two nearer than most drummers that I love and have found along my life. I don’t care, they will always be cherished by me. I remember being a small kiddo and my dad would put in...
  7. Ransan

    Gretsch 70s 4160 cob snare

    Thanks! I didn’t like the Renown with 302s at first, it opened up the snare resonance, and overtones came about. Before it had a nice buttery warm full ‘body’ to its tone, the sustain was controlled. Removing the die casts initially lead me to believe that die cast were made for maple shells...
  8. Ransan

    Gretsch 70s 4160 cob snare

    Piggy backing on this thread, late October I had my 4160 snare sent off to Bentleys in Fresno for a repair and overhaul. (This is only reference I’ll make regarding my profile Avatar.) *Note my Avatar with Gumby in Gretsch lightning throw likeness.* My Gretsch 4160 snare had a slight issue...
  9. Ransan

    Does buying pre owned bother you?

    I buy used, new, and vintage. Do your research, case by case, ask the questions that you need cleared up, and make sure to trust your own judgment in mind with their volley. Understand vintage and used have degrees of condition that are listed, or you can gauge better if you are in person to...
  10. Ransan

    Customizing your kit

    That kit is squared away no doubt also, that looks like the 4160? Very nice touch, the configuration looks like it’s an energy saver with all the efficiency. I love the finish by the way! My man don’t tell me you put some of the dried up ready for fire up on your kit?! 👍
  11. Ransan

    Customizing your kit

    That’s smooth set up you have there. I have the Pearl Wingloc, quick release cymbal toppers and I agree they give the kit a nice touch and load in out efficiency.
  12. Ransan

    Hello All! Thanks for adding me

    Welcome and love the Sabian barstool, the cymbal tree (where the hell did you get those) and also the snare rack holy.... did you once or currently own a retail drum shop? We had two Sabian barstools at the music store where I worked at.
  13. Ransan

    Customizing your kit

    Call me crazy, for my Pearl Session Select kit I got die cast hoops for all tom batter side - sizes 8-16 and left snare alone. I also went with a clear reso bass drum logo head to pay homage to 90s Sessions and Master kits. I am keeping the stock triple flange hoops and white reso bass drum...
  14. Ransan

    Do You Anthropomorphize Your Drums?

    My Ludwig by its nature is The Big Red Machine. Collectively all my kits are my babies. Agree, In this instance I’d say that’s proper stage posturing.
  15. Ransan

    Show us your personal drum set history - with pics

    Thanks Mick! Your Sonor collection is nice as well thanks for sharing. Thank you J-W, I can’t wait for warmer weather to fully set them up. Yes I moved to an apartment and had to find an alternative. About 5 years of having Rolands, I traded to my best friend for a 5 string Ibanez Ergodyne...
  16. Ransan

    Show us your personal drum set history - with pics

    I have always been drumming on things from a young age. I was 12 years old when I got my first kit, here goes my short history. 1995: My first kit (not pictured) was a 5 piece CB700 in silver flash. Had a set of 13” vintage hi hats that had a crack on the bell of the bottom hat, and 2 16” MX...
  17. Ransan

    What's better

    I play for myself and myself only. Outside of playing the drums, I have a family and career to focus on, but, since I was little have loved drums. Honestly, I’m no expert nor really that good, just decent I would say. Along the way, I have had people tell me I’m good, and asking me to join...
  18. Ransan

    You can’t call yourself a drummer....

    No 'beef' here, but I think OP and most of us have yet to become a drummer, due to this qualifier. Once again, advice from my Uncle (who my dad and I had to help relocate overnight) said to us late while space trucking from the treacherous pass between Trinidad, CO and Raton, NM. "Steer’ clear...
  19. Ransan

    Two 22"s set up

    I did this experiment just late last week and loved the power they brought. Besides hats and splash here was crash and ride lineup. 20” AAX X-Plosion crash 21” HH Vintage ride 22” AA Crash/ride brilliant finish 22” AA Medium crash traditional finish
  20. Ransan

    Double bass lost in mix

    Here is a vid from a forum member @beyondbetrayal. He does use longboard, but I’m sure he has a vid where he does without. This is THE BEST and comprehensive doubles series I’ve found on YT. It is understandable and I am picking up the concept, though nothing near as fast and clear as he is...