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  1. ottog1979

    Decent Used Drums for around $600-$800

    18 months ago I bought used Gretsch Renown RN1's 12' tom, 16" tom and 22" bass, maple nearly brand new looking for $650. I'd go a route similar to that as you get SO much for your $$$.
  2. ottog1979

    Negative effects of positive feedback.

    This is a great subject. I think in reality we all need a little of both. I think compliments are less helpful in actually getting better, but compliments are nice and often rewarding. That said, I've learned WAY MORE from the criticism I've received even when blunt and less constructive than...
  3. ottog1979

    Drummer's curse

    Not always but often situated at the back of the stage looking at a wall of backs (of the singers/guitarists) during the gig.
  4. ottog1979

    Drum Teacher Time-Wasting?

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say this really isn't about him.
  5. ottog1979

    Drum Teacher Time-Wasting?

    THIS! (See my post above.)
  6. ottog1979

    Drum Teacher Time-Wasting?

    Agree on the hour. I've been consistently taking lessons from the same guy for 5 years. He's truly pro, formerly with several well-known international acts as well as many known recording credits. The hour lets me sink into a particular thing we're covering and really work/explore it. That's...
  7. ottog1979

    Drum Teacher Time-Wasting?

    You're the customer, tell him what you'd like to do during lessons. This is probably a better initial tact than telling him what not to do. Don't wait for him to finish his story, chime in right away about what you were working on that week and how you'd like to tackle it in the lesson. If he...
  8. ottog1979

    What's your most important gear that is NOT drum set related.

    Me too! This and LiveBPM, together. After a bunch of years using this combo I'm less dependent on them than I used to be but it still keeps everything in line, tempos relaxed, greasy & groovy. I subbed for a band recently, just did my part and didn't want to insert my opinion on how things...
  9. ottog1979

    Drum set finish - yea or nay?

    That drum throne...
  10. ottog1979

    Quieter drums

    I use Boso drum sticks in situations where milder volume is necessary. They work well.
  11. ottog1979

    Cleaning up old metal snare drums

    I've had great success cleaning all types of metal, including metal drum shells, lugs, stands/hardware, etc. with this. Use a toothbrush.
  12. ottog1979

    Imagine if...

    So I have a take on this. Non-drummer musicians and the audience may not know the technicalities, mistakes and perfection of drummers, but they do know what feels good. That's the biggest and most important measure. Mistakes can, and often do, get in the way of making the music feel good. But...
  13. ottog1979


    I "discovered" Paiste when two Signature Full Crashes (16" & 18") were on a band's practice studio kit when I showed up for an audition 4-5 years ago. A Zildjian player for 20 years prior, I went right home and bought the exact same cymbals. LOVE them for their glassy shimmer and musicality...
  14. ottog1979

    Why should I practice things that I would never play on a gig?

    I've been working "left side" exercises a LOT in the last year or two. It's really opened up doors for me in fills and beats that I DO play at gigs. I'm finding new easy/creative ways to do things that I would never have if my left side, both hand and foot, wasn't awakened and developed with...
  15. ottog1979

    Most beautiful drum tracks??

    ^ Indeed that is nice! I've been into sublety lately. This was always one of my favorite Pat Metheny songs. The drums are minimal, way in the back, but support the song so subtlely, simply and beautifully. Wonderful playing. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"...
  16. ottog1979

    Adoro silent sticks

    Prompted by an add on my Facebook feed for these sticks... Am I the only one who thinks that those using gimmicy sticks like these are lazy and better off just practicing quiet play & touch? For me anyway, now & then I have to play in quiet situations and relish the opportunity to...
  17. ottog1979

    It's not all bad news in the musical instrument industry - Sweetwater hits $1 billion revenue

    Good for Sweetwater. Other than my local drum shop, Sweetwater is my go-to for gear. Just bought a sub mixer & cables from them, needed help with some questions and discussed what I needed over the phone. Sweetwater is a pretty good example of how to do...
  18. ottog1979

    How much of your practice time should be spent learning things that are new to you?

    For me, it varies depending on what's going on - gig schedule, new projects or same old, band recording or not. But almost always I'm doing a portion of both. it's just that the portion varies. For practice, I typically warm up with new skills, beats, etc. that I'm working on and then move on...