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  1. Ransan

    Rogers Mardi Gras Finish

    I wanted to take this rare opportunity to show what I have found in my ongoing Rogers Mardi Gras finish research. This finish was available for a short time, and is considered one of the ‘Holy Grail’ finishes that are hard to come by. Jim Messina on his YouTube vid did a great job pointing...
  2. Ransan

    My First Project - Rogers Holiday Restoration

    Recently I got an Eagle Badge Rogers Holiday kit in Mardi Gras finish, sizes 13” 16” 14” snare 22” bass with additional 13” Rogers Script Badge tom in MG finish. Getting this set was a must, though it needs a little TLC - I knew this was going to be fun to love! I am lugged out as I have just...
  3. Ransan

    Rogers Holiday - Bit again!

    For the vintage drum enthusiasts: I have been on record for saying that I own my dream kit. The kit I have is a ruby or red Ludwig Vistalite with 8 toms, 2 floors, and a kick, so 11 pieces total, not a reissue, nor does Ludwig reissue in this color. I did get a couple of custom toms in melodic...
  4. Ransan

    Silver Dot Return

    Looks like the Ludwig Silver dots returned, check out the ad from Sweetwater! Kinda stoked about that as my vistas had old SDs and I absolutely loved their dot formula punch and focus. However no 6” and 15” sizes available at the moment it seems? Interesting is Ludwig partnered with Remo so I...
  5. Ransan

    Die Cast on Pearl Sessions Select

    Hello My itch got to me and I put the die cast hoops on my Session Select (only the 12, 14, 16 came in and was 1 each not the set). Initially I wanted to do a sweeping rim and head change to all at once. I am glad I did this. My original plan was to put DCs on top and bottom toms with cs dots...
  6. Ransan

    I want to start recording advice needed

    Hello I have been drumming for about 30 years I have no experience recording and want to set up a mini studio just for myself then see where/how it goes. My main thing is I have a huge concert tom drum kit that I would like to mic up, 12 pieces total. I know I need two room overheads in addition...
  7. Ransan

    My Pearl arrived!

    My Pearl Session Studio Select kit has finally arrived. The finish is black halo glitter lacquer, that is now disco’d for retail, still available if you have time to wait. The color is more like black sparkle until light hits the shell glitter illuminating a halo of colors. - was going to get a...
  8. Ransan

    Show me your cymbal scale.

    With all this talk going around of cymbal weight in grams, I have started to ponder what I would need to weigh all of my cymbals. I can only go by catalogue for profile density but not actual weight, is there an empirical density to scale interval or indexing tables? (i.e. 2200g-2500g=medium or...
  9. Ransan

    Pearl hi hat clutch inquiry

    Hello I just purchased the Pearl rapid drop clutch for my Pearl H1050 stand (I know it already comes with rapid lock clutch) but never experienced a drop clutch before and wanted to try. I was torn between this one (1st image) and the older one for the Eliminator series (2nd image) with the...
  10. Ransan

    My snare collection

    Hello All When I first joined DW, I had only one snare, since, I have built up a small collection that I would like to share with you all, no Supraphonic in here, at least for now: Gretsch 4160 COB 5x14 has “That Great Gretsch Sound” badge, this one has a lightning with the righty throw off...
  11. Ransan

    Bell-less hi hat revelation

    In the post relating bad Sabian cymbals, I recently posted about my brand new AAX fast hats not sounding good. Now I have had the chance to look further, I found that my hi hat stand was not supportive of my bottom hat which doesn’t have a bell, has 3 air vents. The plastic rod sleeve was being...
  12. Ransan

    Editing older Post

    Hello! this is in regards to editing a post that you might have done to start a thread - what effect does editing older post do? Does it put an updated comment in edit field and keep it’s original position in thread order? Or for context, does it create an updated time stamp and continue on in...
  13. Ransan

    Happy October - Show us your Monster

    Happy October everyone! 🎃 Do you have a monster haunting your basement/man cave/space? Well show us proof you are tormented with drums, one caveat - it has to be 7 piece shells or more, of course Frankenstein’s can be monsters too!
  14. Ransan

    Aaron Holler

    One of my favorites to watch - Aaron Holler is a hired gun for both live and studio performances who does his homework and then some! I like his progressive take on both drum approach and Tejano style, very busy drummer, that I think can work in most genres. Tejano Drum style is usually light...
  15. Ransan

    Gretsch 70s 4160 cob snare

    Hi Gretsch experts! I picked up a stop sign badge era 70s Gretsch 4160 snare shell in good shape a few weeks ago from Denver Craigslist ad, for around $45. I have been looking to start a snare project and possibly collecting as well, and been reading about as well as seen some drum restoration...
  16. Ransan

    Vintage Pearl Identification

    Hello vintage Pearl historians! I have a chance to locally buy what is listed as a Pearl dyna kit (skeptical somewhat) for $700, including the cases for it, made from silver line(haven’t heard of them before). It is a 10 piece and I am certain 2 types of different kits merged in what looks like...
  17. Ransan

    Ludwig vistalite or classic maple

    I am getting a wild hair of trading or selling my ruby vistas and have seen at my local music store a 6 piece Ludwig classic maple shell Monroe badges set in black sparkle, drum guy says there from the 70s, did they make classic maples then? The sizes looked to be 10,12,13,14 all hanging on RIMs...
  18. Ransan


    Here is a short but sweet diddy from Cosmos 1972 album. Doug Clifford is one of the smoothest behind a kit, definitely an influence of mine. His drumming in the pocket so tight you can count the loose change down to the penny.
  19. Ransan

    Help on ride selection

    Hello I am currently looking for a ride and have found two. For anyone that has used these in specific I would appreciate input. The first is Meinl custom classic dark ride and the second is a Paiste Alpha power ride both 20”. I know they are apples to oranges, dark being obvious and the alphas...
  20. Ransan

    Damage control: take care of your stuff

    I guess I’m a little ocd but when I see these it makes me cringe- Which is worse: A cymbal mounted on a stand with top attachments completely removed? Or a concert tom sitting in a snare basket?