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  1. Bruce M. Thomson

    Cheap way to record the drums?

    I use the Zoom H4n. Works fantastically. I was als going to recommend the Zoom H4n.
  2. Bruce M. Thomson

    Stan Levey - The Beginnings of Bebop

    Some great insight in to the early days. Interesting path Stan Levey took.
  3. Bruce M. Thomson

    Very Cool Little Documentary On Steve Gadd Playing In A 3 Piece Trio (Hammond & Sax) In Small Venues

    I love these, you learn so much by just listening. Love the music as well so I will be looking for the music on CD or Vinyl.
  4. Bruce M. Thomson

    Yankovic: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert From The Archives

    I like the acoustic bass. Great harmonies. Yankovic: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert From The Archives
  5. Bruce M. Thomson

    The Tree That The Apples Fell From / Joe Porcaro

    I have been watching many video's with Jeff, some I have seen many times already. I think we could all say he is probably someone we would like to have know. He obviously got it from his dad.
  6. Bruce M. Thomson

    Wonderful Words From Leland Sklar On Jeff Porcaro

    One thing Jeff says in a video he made on a Musicians Institute video is that he does not remember ever playing a solo. That sticks with me.
  7. Bruce M. Thomson

    Rare Interview With Paul Desmond

    It's a shame the poster could not have grabbed the performance afterwards.
  8. Bruce M. Thomson

    Rare Interview With Paul Desmond

    From 1976.
  9. Bruce M. Thomson

    Brian Blade - So Much To Appreciate

    Here is a link to a 4 tune set from station KEXP in Seattle. Great live performances from this station. What I appreciate in particular is the dynamic control and how his personality comes through so well in his playing. Intelligent, Joyful and warm. If you have watched this what elements do you...
  10. Bruce M. Thomson

    Snare Wires / Importance.

    ..Also, that was on Amazon, probably out of whack. With tax in CDN. it still can be 50 to 70. Anyway, it is a moot point for me since I am happy with what the drum came with in the first place. Cheers
  11. Bruce M. Thomson

    Snare Wires / Importance.

    I should clarify that the $90 are for their wires designed specifically for Ludwig snare drums, they also make a standard wire.
  12. Bruce M. Thomson

    Snare Wires / Importance.

    I can appreciate that.
  13. Bruce M. Thomson

    isolation/protection headphone

    I was going to suggest the VicFirth as well, I got mine for $100 CDN. The sound quality is very good and the isolate very well.
  14. Bruce M. Thomson

    Snare Wires / Importance.

    When I purchased my Ludwig snare I also decided to purchase Puresound snare wires ($35 CDN.) as I had used them on other snares and found them to be quite good and I did this without really checking out what the sound was like as was, it was just a purchase I automatically decided would be an...
  15. Bruce M. Thomson

    Radio Show Q's Tom Powers Speaks With Max Weinberg & Peter Erskine About Neil Peart Open the link and click the Listen arrow.
  16. Bruce M. Thomson

    Bad News -Just Announced 12 Minutes Ago-Neil Peart Has Passed Away I don't like being the bearer of sad news yet I know you would all want to know.
  17. Bruce M. Thomson

    procol harum drummer bj wilson

    He is one of my all-time favorite drummers. I have a DVD of a Christmas concert they did on T-V, no audience. There are no ads on the disc but when they did one for the folks watching you see the band just waiting for their cue and then off they go. B.J. was phenomenal to watch on his wide-open...
  18. Bruce M. Thomson

    Who Are The Worst Drummers That Are Good In Spite Of How Lousy They Are?

    I think the topic heading is a bit misleading. You may be asking about drummers who keep it simple, solid, creative and musical. Quite honestly I doubt I would be listening to a band with a "lousy drummer" since chances are the band would really stink as well. A couple of weeks ago I watched and...
  19. Bruce M. Thomson

    You Don't Have To Be A Fan Of This Music Particularly To Appreciate The Dexterity Required To Play This

    I said it all in my thread title. Here is the video.