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  1. Jml

    Tama Swingstar questions

    Guys, I have a chance to buy a Tama Swingstar with the accu-tone black hoops for $200 from a local guy. Sizes are 12”, 13”, 16” with a 22”x16” bass drum. I’m considering it because they are similar sizes to an old Imperialstar in my local studio that sounds great and is unmiced. Some questions...
  2. Jml

    Snare stand questions

    Yesterday I discovered my 12” snare drum on the ground. It had tipped over while sitting on my Yamaha Crosstown snare stand. First, it’s a 12x5 maple snare - not a 14x8 steel snare, so it’s not really heavy. Secondly, it was tilted slightly toward the drum throne (top slightly higher than...
  3. Jml

    Are Paiste Giant Beats and Paiste 404 the same?

    I have a set of the new/reissued Paiste Giant Beats, including the 20” multi GB. Then I recently came across a used Paiste 404 20” ride on sale for $50. So I immediately snatched it up. I just listened to both 20” cymbals and they sound remarkably similar. Are my ears deceiving me or are they...
  4. Jml

    Why are Vater sticks cheaper???

    If you go on Amazon, most of the Vater sticks (outside of the specialty ones) are under $8. Most other sticks by other manufacturers are just under $10 - or more. So why is Vater 20% cheaper? They’re supposed to last long (according to a lot of posts on here), so why the difference in price? If...
  5. Jml

    Drum shields for virus protection?

    Just wondering if anyone is considering buying or using a drum shield to protect themselves from the coronavirus. Certainly seems like it would prevent direct contact with people, and perhaps some prevention of virus particles in the air. Any thoughts? Anyone out there use one now, and if so...
  6. Jml

    Issues with Tama Classic Hardware

    Just bought the Tama classic hardware pack for a great price. Tried it out at home before I considered using it for an upcoming gig. Here are my thoughts: Hi hat stand - great design and very lightweight. Folds up easily. Issues are - 1. with flat base, on a slightly uneven floor, the hi hat...
  7. Jml

    How much spare gear do you bring to a gig?

    So up to now, I’ve had a few one-off gigs and done some open mics with my band (we’ve been together about a year). Starting next month, we are going to have regular gigs at a few different places, “touring” northern New Jersey. So, in the past, I’ve brought an extra snare and extra bass drum...
  8. Jml

    Light tripod hi hat stand - Thoughts?

    Was looking for a light hi hat stand. Came across and got the GLRHH-SB stand from Gibraltar. Selling point is the telescoping rod which “disappears” into the upper tube when breaking down, in order to save space. It is single braced and lighter than most hi hat stands. It also goes as low as...
  9. Jml

    Older Yamaha Stage Custom worth it?

    I’m still in the market to replace my old kit, and came across a second generation Yamaha Stage Custom shell pack only (no stands, snare or cymbals) for $300. It’s from the early 2000’s with the yellow/black badge and says “Stage Custom Standard”. Sizes are 10, 12, 16, 20. I understand they were...
  10. Jml

    Can anyone identify these Mapex drums?

    Still in the market for another kit. I came across these. Can anyone tell me what wood they may be made from, and what they may be worth? I’m a newb with older Mapex kits. Thanks.
  11. Jml

    Tama Swingstar - How old, and is it worth it?

    Guys, I have a chance to buy a 3 piece Tama Swingstar for $150. The sizes are 13, 16, 22. I can’t tell what year these Swingstars are, and I thought some Tama experts out there might know from the photos below. Also wanted to know if it’s worth the cash. The heads are newer apparently. Just...
  12. Jml

    Small feet and heel down - which shortboard pedal???

    As stated above, I have size 7 1/2 to 8 feet (depending on the shoe). I prefer playing heel down, but can play some heel up. Playing heel down is harder to me with the longboards. I have gone through just about every pedal - all DWs are heavy, (except the 9000, which I couldn’t dial in)...
  13. Jml

    First gig ever!

    Was on Craigslist looking to add a bass player to our group of guys who just jam for fun. Came across ad looking for worship musicians. The thing is, I don’t belong to this church, listen to Christian music and haven’t been to church in 30 years. But I wanted to step out of my...
  14. Jml

    What bass drum is this?

    Just got a new (vintage) kit. I’m not sure what type of bass drum I got (the toms are Slingerland and Eames). I’ve attached photos. Drum is 20 x 14. There is no badge (tom mount is a new Pearl one). The wrap and lugs may not be original but rims appear to be. Interior is painted silver, and...
  15. Jml

    Port hole necessary in this scenario?

    Question - imagine you’re considering a port hole for your bass drum. Now imagine the same bass drum has a rack tom mount, but has NO rack toms in it. So there are 2 holes on the top of the bass drum. Wouldn’t air escape through those holes essentially the same as a port hole (aware of the fact...
  16. Jml

    Is Yamaha Stage Custom an upgrade over Sonor Safari?

    Biggest differences I see - size of tom (12" vs 10") and bass drum (18' vs 16") and birch construction vs poplar. Both sound good. Yamaha 3 piece shell pack is going for $474, but I would get some $ by trading in my Sonor for the Yammy. So the question is - is it worth it? Kit will be used...
  17. Jml

    Ludwig Supralite or Pork Pie Patina Brass???

    In the market for an inexpensive, 13 inch metal snare. New Supralite (13 x 6) and used Patina Brass (13 x 7, in excellent condition) both going for about $200. The Supralite is steel, the PP is brass. Supralite is made overseas, the PP in the US. I tried both out and they sound similar. So which...
  18. Jml

    Ludwig Heirloom Stainless Steel snare

    Anyone own or tried one of these? They have one (14 x 5.5) in local music store used for $300 and I’m thinking about it. Even though it’s steel, it’s very light in weight, looks really nice and sounds pretty good. Only a few video reviews online, so I thought I’d throw it out there and see what...
  19. Jml

    What kind of Ludwig snare is this?

    It doesn't look like an Acrolite. And what is it worth?
  20. Jml

    Holy s***, I guess I’m a Paiste guy now!

    So after having my Zildjian cymbals for a year, and trying out dozens of hi hats and finally deciding today in a store between Dream Bliss and Byzance Dark hats (which I liked), I saw and tried out some Giant Beats hats. It was all over after that. The weight, feel and sound of the hi hats were...