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  1. BillBachman

    Actual Moeller drums being played at the inauguration!

    Fun fact: The two rope drums being played today at the inauguration are actual Moeller drums that were recently restored. These are his "Grand Republic" series 21" x 17" with all of the eagle artwork and such. 13 were known to exist of this series. Aside from this type, Moeller didn't make many...
  2. BillBachman

    "Stir-Crazy Drum School" on Facebook Live -10AM central

    Hey guys, "Stir-Crazy Drum School" starts tomorrow at 10 AM central time on Facebook live! We’ve got to do something while we’re locked in due to the Corona virus, so let’s lock in our hands. We’ll be looking at some material as well as bits from some of my books. It should be...
  3. BillBachman

    Drumming with just a left hand after a stroke (yikes!)

    Hey all, I haven't been around these parts for a bit, but here's a pretty big update: I had a stroke which took out use of my right hand. The part of my brain that controlled it got starved of blood and died while I was sleeping. Now other parts of my brain are picking up the slack and are...
  4. BillBachman

    Newest album instrumental prog!

    Here's the latest: and/or: Hope you guys like it!
  5. BillBachman

    More original prog rock! Jazzy waltz & 3/4 shuffles etc. Here's an advanced sample from the next Spoke of Shadows release, Spoke of Shadows II. It started out purely as a drum piece and Mark added everything else around it. It has all K Constantinople cymbals, Pearl 6.5x14 "can't believe...
  6. BillBachman

    To German grip? or not to German girip?

    Thoughts? Discuss...
  7. BillBachman

    Original prog rock! 12/8 afro-cuban, half time shuffle grooves & rudimental in one

    Here it is, hope you guys like it. :)
  8. BillBachman

    Ludwig Legacy vs Classic drums, comparison?

    Hi guys, for those familiar with both, how would you compare the sound of these two? (Legacy=3 ply shells with re-rings, Classic= straight 7 ply shells) thanks!
  9. BillBachman

    New progressive rock recording!

    Hey guys, I'm honored to have guest drummed on 3 tracks on the new Herd of Instinct album! Here's a sample:
  10. BillBachman

    My latest prog rock/electronica drum tracking action

    Here's some prog rock/electronica drum tracking action for the next Spoke of Shadows album: Hope you enjoy!
  11. BillBachman

    For those who aren't afraid of the rock: This was fun!
  12. BillBachman

    Metal-head style shuffle -Bill Bachman

    Hey guys, here's something new & fun: I thought we were just recording our recording, but the other guys went a bit more MTV with it. :P
  13. BillBachman

    Rudiments & drumset application

    This started out as a response to another post, but I think it may be useful in starting a discussion on its own: With my background you might think that I'd be preaching rudiments, rudiments, rudiments, but here's my take on it: For a drumset player, it's really not about the rudiments, it's...
  14. BillBachman

    Matched grip, yet my left hand is so sad...

    Hey guys, here's my latest lesson video brought to you with some help from Vic Firth. I think you'll dig it and it'll help you stratergize strategeries on how to make your weak hand better faster:
  15. BillBachman

    Speed & how to get it...

    Hey guys, this started as a reply to another thread, but I figured I'd toss it in here as it may help some folks out. It's a note about speed and the most effective way I've found to get it: If you want to play fast, practice no faster than you can play perfectly and consistently with the next...
  16. BillBachman

    To gap, or not to gap? Fulcrum stuff...

    Hey guys, I thought you might dig this video out through Vic Firth:
  17. BillBachman

    My lesson on "Playing big, not hard"

    Hey guys, here's another lesson brought to you with some help from Vic Firth. Here I show you how the free stroke and "Moeller whip & flop" techniques can add musicality, flow and groove to your playing all the while preventing injury and broken equipment. Enjoy...
  18. BillBachman

    Here's a great way to boost your weaker hand:

    Developing French grip with the weaker hand! The main difference between people's strong and weak hand is almost always a matter of finger control, so developing French grip (which is the best grip for finger control) on the weak hand sets you up for success. Even if you never directly use it...
  19. BillBachman

    Vic Firth Moeller Technique lesson Hi y`all, I figured you guys might enjoy checking this out. I do enjoy some lazy, floppity, greasy goodness from time to time. (With drumsticks that is.)
  20. BillBachman

    Fulcrums and gaps and buzzes, oh my...

    Hey guys, here's some food for thought that stemmed from an earlier thread with questions on fulcrums,gaps and buzz rolls. I think it got lost in the shuffle over there and I think it can start a good discussion on its own. Here goes: I think it's foolish to lock yourself into one fulcrum or...