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  1. Rock Salad

    Should I memorize each solo as I go through Wilcoxon's All American book?

    I'm just beginning on the Swing Solos. I kinda have to memorize them to play it at all
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    Impressive..BAR bands.

    Paul Benjjaman Band, and Seth Lee Jones Band here in Tulsa
  3. Rock Salad

    Your first band

    I'm in my first band as a drummer. There was one other group forming, who tried me out before but never gelled and never had a name. We got Sam writing, singing and playing electric guitar; Rick is our bassist; and me cowriting, singing and drumming. We're the Avery Drive Band. We rehearse at my...
  4. Rock Salad

    Warning: Parental Advisory movie

    I remember. I remember people wondering if Psalms by King Solomon would be similarly labeled
  5. Rock Salad

    What's your bag?

    This one goes to eleven
  6. Rock Salad

    Best movie soundtrack

    No drums in it but the soundtrack for "Dead Man" is the first one comes to mind
  7. Rock Salad


    Yup, didn't have to audition, just plopped down some $ and now I get to play them lol Those guys are far beyond my aspirations
  8. Rock Salad

    Another wacky idea

    It probably would have to be pretty tight to the shell. I remember a Sounds Like a Drum (think it was them,) where they lined drums with foil as a muffling technique
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    The guy I bought my drums from told me the kit 14×20, 8×12 & 16×16 was one of four made for the Blue Man Group with custom Keller shells that became their Vintage Mahogany line of shells. That's kind of a story huh? Nowhere near as cool as above though
  10. Rock Salad

    Kaan Çelen Intro from Turkey

    Right on, welcome Hope you have some time available to join in in some discussions here!
  11. Rock Salad

    Imagine if...

    It's nice when someone appreciates how hard a time it is keeping those other two clowns close to the beat. I enjoy hearing other drummers' feel when it's note placement beats going. I think it might be fun for audiences the more knowledge they have. It's not all negative I'm sure. Mostly they...
  12. Rock Salad

    Paradiddle / Hat Problem

    That’s what I do, is go real slow first. There’s all kinds of things that confuse me. Absolutely ”chick” on 2&4. Have fun with the weird L foot stuff that comes out too, But being able to do 2&4 is kinda crucial.
  13. Rock Salad

    How much of your practice time should be spent learning things that are new to you?

    I only ever try to get better at stuff I know already, but a lot of times that means learning new things. Does that make any sense? It might be helpful to add that I have no “set ways” that I play any songs besides their forms, so they can always get better. Time wise, whatever it takes to get...
  14. Rock Salad

    Gripmaster for French Grip?

    Might be good if you don't just mindlessly mash the thing from top to bottom, instead using it for a small resistance for quick press and release?
  15. Rock Salad

    Post your pre Covid gig shots

    I don't think I have had Covid yet, so pre-Covid from last month
  16. Rock Salad

    A Jazz Drummer's "Stickitis"

    Try crazy glue for the tips. It soaks in deeper yet the "crust" on the outside that affects sound wears off more quickly. The cheapest super glue are often best, and most watery. I feel the same way about how long it makes my sticks last.
  17. Rock Salad

    Albums You Hated - But Became a Favorite

    Mingus Ah Um I bought it on a recommendation, and barely made it through one listen. Thirty years later, it's one of my favorites
  18. Rock Salad

    A Jazz Drummer's "Stickitis"

    VF AH5A is a maple 5A. More durable than the SD4, different tip. Hope you like them if you try them. They are maple so you get a similar cymbal attack to the SD4. Oh, and yes. I have a box of sticks that I tried before I found these.
  19. Rock Salad

    What looks better?

    Which band? I like the chrome, but can think of occasions where it might be a bit much