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  1. Rock Salad

    Anybody know how to trim nylon brushes?

    I kinda like the things but the brush is a little too long for a 14" snare drum.
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    Rita Jane Roxanne Rosalita Anna Mary Ann Rosanna Jenny (Jenny) Julia Billie Jean Brandy Stormy Who else have I forgotten? We got a song about Mary Ann, folks like it. Trying to get some ideas for another. Feel free of course to be first to come out with your own version, we are recycling here...
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    Every tempo (bpm) feels slightly different

    Like a self taught dummy, I had been practicing basically three tempos and for long stretches. (40, 100, 135) Thinking that I was covering my bases with that range, and wondering why my natural sense of time seemed to be confused. Well duh, each little increment of tempo change feels different...
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    How many original bands have you built?

    Working on the fifth At it since1990
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    Intuitive time

    I'm training with the metronome and it is coming along, but any intuitive sense of rhythm i had is now in hiding. I guess it's a hump i have to get over to get from intuition to knowledge.
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    Recommend Media On Theory

    Hi, I am looking for study materials/interviews that focus more on concepts and philosophy than rote exercises. Cause I'm 90% half mental. And because I have some good exercises already that I want to explore further before starting on more.
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    Cedric Burnside

    What?! I did a search here and came up blank? One of the top blues drummers for sure. He also sings and has albums on his own name that rock.
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    Why? Paradiddle for Beginners

    I have wondered why some people insist that paradiddles are crucial. This vid explained it in a way that was understandable to my inexpert understanding, gave a good way to verbalize the concepts. Right on Dorothea and Drumeo
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    Tama "the Classic" Anyone?

    I see all these threads on new pedals that are out. So I went on down to the shop and put my foot on some. Tama's the Classic was instantly the nicest feeling pedal there for my tastes. It has some sort of height adjustment though, which is neat, but also could be a breakage issue. Anybody got one?
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    New Music!

    Let's help each other find good new music by sharing your favorite local record label. Here in Tulsa, Oklahoma we have Horton Records, there may be others but I know a couple of the groups on Horton. Check out Seth Lee Jones band and Paul Benjamin Band.
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    Sloshing the Hi Hats

    there doesn't seem to be much on the internets about sloshing hi hats or for that matter mashing in snare hits. i haven't quite got my snare mash quite yet but i think i stumbled onto something today about sloshing the hats. i started just stick on the hats rocking them, and was like that...
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    Any Good? My Band I have heard that i could get some brutal critique here. I know my drumming is not even at a level it can even be critiqued yet, but how you like the song?