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  1. RockNGrohl

    Drum miking newbie question.. what to plug into

    Hey guys, I have played some outdoor gigs that could have used mics on my drums. This summer I will be playing a "socially distant" out door one at a local campground that has just opened. I have full of set of mics including a snare mic, two toms, kick and two over head condensers. Plus all the...
  2. RockNGrohl

    Drum throne re-covering question

    I have a Tama First Chair round rider throne. I've had it for a few years but not that long. The PVC covering is splitting and looks like crud. I have some tape on one part but I look bad. I don't want to buy a throne cover and just hide the mess. It's past warranty I believe so Tama won't do...
  3. RockNGrohl

    Ludwig internal tone control muffler knob for sale?

    I just got a 70's Acrolite snare drum. It is in great shape except for the tone control muffler. The threads on it are stripped right at the end. So the nut was stuck in place. I used pliers to get the little round nut loose to take it off, but it's not gonna screw back on the jacked threads of...
  4. RockNGrohl

    Installing a tom mount on a virgin bass drum..

    hey guys, I'm thinking of installing installing a single tom mount, with a triple clamp Yamaha tom arm holding two Yamaha ball style Gibraltar tom arms. It is being put on a virgin Ludwig bass drum. But I have some fears and questions. Is the bass drum factory mount-less for a reason? Do I have...
  5. RockNGrohl

    Looking for a Remo Mondo snare drum

    Hey guys, I whizzed back through the old threads and have been searching for awhile on Reverb, Ebay, and the like. Does anyone know where i get this hard to find drum? You know, the snare with a remo mondo head. Are they that rare? I'd love to have one for coffeehouse open mics and the like. My...
  6. RockNGrohl

    Tom mounting advice on flat based stands

    I'm selling my older Mapex kit. I love my kit but it is time to move on to something new. I'm including the hardware that came with it in the sale. So to augment the new kit I really want I need some new hardware. The old kit had bass mounted toms. The Ludwig Signet kit I like has a virgin bass...
  7. RockNGrohl

    R.I.P. Sid Caeser with Buddy Rich

    A great video of a classic Sid Caeser bit! As much a s we'd all love to be right next to Buddy, it has it's drawbacks... lol..
  8. RockNGrohl

    Tama Silverstar tension rods question..

    I have a question about Tama Silverstar drums, is it just me or are the tension rods too small for most drum keys? Are these a special size? I ask because none of my favorite drum keys like my Spin Key and Rhythm Tech Torque key will work. I noticed this setting them up for the first time. They...