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    Yamaha Stage Custom Raven Black

    Has anyone seen a newer Stage Custom in Raven Black lacquer? My son is interested in this kit but I can't find one locally in this finish to take a look at. The reason I ask is that in previous versions this finish had kind of a strange greenish tint to it rather than looking more like piano...
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    Do new snare drums usually come with a drum key?

    I recently purchased a brand new Craviotto Johnny C snare drum from a reputable store and when I unboxed it, I was somewhat surprised to see that it didn't come with a drum key. I haven't purchased too many new snares in my lifetime, but those I have always included a drum key. I contacted the...
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    Can current Gretsch Renown tom brackets be easily removed?

    A guy I work with is just getting back into drumming after many years and is considering a new Gretsch Renown kit that a number of places are blowing out online. He wants to use a snare stand for his rack tom rather than mount it on a cymbal or tom stand. He asked me about the mounting system on...
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    Help me spec out a new Ludwig CM kit

    I'm very close to pulling the trigger on a new 4-piece Ludwig Classic Maple kit in Vintage Oyster Black Pearl. I'm in my late 50's and have been a huge Beatles fan most of my life, so being able to order a Ringo-style kit has always been a dream. I am not looking at an authentic reproduction...
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    Ludwig COB vs. Black Beauty

    I've always wanted a brass Supraphonic but am torn between the Chrome Over Brass and the Black Beauty. The COB is cheaper so I'm wondering if there's any advantage to shelling out more for a Black Beauty?
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    Yamaha Raven Black and Cranberry Red finishes

    I'm looking into getting my son a small Yamaha Stage Custom kit for his birthday and have a question about two of the finishes for those who might have either. He prefers black drums but I once saw an older set of Stage Customs in raven black at GC that had a greenish hue to them. Is this...
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    Anyone played a Ludwig Epic Modular kit?

    There's a NOS Ludwig Epic Modular kit up for auction on ebay. This kit has always intrigued me but I've never seen or played one. Does anyone have any experience with this kit or comment on its build quality? These kits were discontinued a few years back so it's rare to see a new one up for...
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    Any reason to save original drum/hardware packaging?

    I recently purchased a new Ludwig snare, two new DW pedals, a DW snare stand, and a Pearl tom stand. Does anyone have any thoughts about whether I should save or discard (recycle) the original boxes they came in. Is there any advantage to holding onto them?
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    Buying a used kit online from GC

    There's a used Ludwig kit in the Chicago GC store that I'm looking at. Although the price isn't bad, it's about $100-$200 more than I think the kit should go for used, especially when you have to figure in shipping costs. From your experience, are these online prices in any way negotiable or is...
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    Ball and socket snare stands

    I'm looking at getting a new snare drum stand and see that many use a ball and socket design. I've never used this style before and although it appears to be infinitely adjustable, I'm really concerned about it giving out and slipping at the most inappropriate time. For those who have used a...
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    Shipping a kit from an out of state GC store

    I've found a kit I'm interested in buying but it's located at a GC in a different state. It's a used kit so I can't simply get one at my local GC. So my first question is will GC ship kits they have on the floor? If so, do I have to have it shipped to my local GC or will they ship it directly to...
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    Is the Yamaha Manu Katche Hipgig still in production?

    I've been looking for a compact kit and have been weighing the various options such as the Sonor Safari, Tama Metro Jam, etc. I'd like to explore the Yamaha Manu Katche Hipgig Jr. as well but am having a hard time tracking one down. Some of the online retailers that used to carry this kit no...
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    Does the Sonor Bop kit come with a riser?

    I've been looking into the Sonor Safari and Bop kits as options for a small gigging kit. I know the Safari kit comes with a bass drum riser but there's conflicting information on some of the ebay listings about the Bop kit. Some indicate that it includes a bass drum riser while others don't...