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    Late Night Practice Pad

    Hello, Tenement Funster here.. or as we say in China "involute". I usually don't arrive home from work until 10pm (as a non-resident PhD student), and my rubber pad (a lovely Hun with great rebound, unfortunately) doesn't work well with my neighbours at this time of the day. :( I've an eye on...
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    How to prevent swallowing air while playing

    I've noticed that, for about a year, after I play for any amount of time, I end up swallowing a lot of air, causing belching and bowel irritation. Anyone ran the same problem and how did you help with it? Maybe I should go and see the doctor?
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    Modern kit for Keith Moon tone

    Hello, Has anyone played a modern drumset that struck you as sounding similar to Keith Moon's tone on Who's Next and Quadrophenia? That tight but fat tone with a woody edge. FWIW I will be playing it with a Gretsch RB or Premier 2000 snare, Zildjian A cymbals, Vic Firth SKM sticks, maybe...
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    How do I play a gong?

    I've always been interested in a gong. In my country I can buy locally made gongs that sounds authentic and are affordable. I'd like to incorporate one in my kit. I'm a bit concerned about its practicality though. If I have to let go my stick and grab a mallet every time I want to play my gong...