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  1. DW-Doug

    Got a little workout this weekend, 2 takes

    All parts are by me, lead and rhythm guitar/bass and drums. Snare is DW Collectors "Icon" Series Nick Mason Dark Side of the Moon. f*ing Rocking snare drum I think. See what you think. Drum part is not perfect, but it is not edited either. ooops, I...
  2. DW-Doug

    Color doesn't always matter, but sometimes, it makes it right

    Here is one reason I am so excited about my Chilean Applewood DW Collectors series snare. Coloration match so nice with my vintage 2000 era Walnut DW Collectors set. Not to mention the drum's sound, is awesome! It rimshots a lot better than my Dark Side of the Moon Nick Mason snare I think...
  3. DW-Doug

    Cool drum set photo from Beach Boys Days

    Ok, the real story was about him dying in the ocean at Del Ray Bay, and having lived with Manson for a while etc... But I found this round lugged drum set fascinating. Camco name, sounds like Whamo! I don't know if this photo will display or not.... We'll see.
  4. DW-Doug

    It was just something I had to have... DW Drum roll.....

    I saw these earlier in the year, and looked away. I couldn't look away a second time and sweetwater took care of me on this drum: This is drum number 245 of 255. So only 10 more built after my drum. Well, another brick in the wall!!! DW-Doug
  5. DW-Doug

    This is only the beginning First person GoPro Drumming

    removed nobody seems interested after almost 50 views, removed.
  6. DW-Doug

    A versatile, albeit sort of pricey 21" ride

    Meinle Byzance hammered 21" Transition Ride. What's so great about this cymbal, is you can alternate between sticking like you normally would a ride, or you can crash it in alternat licks. It's the best at this I have seen. I just got it today, photos, later.
  7. DW-Doug

    My bag changed, I feel like it's changing irons or woods or something, ha

    Upgraded my DW performance black diamond set to Collectors Black Velvet!!! There's more! Ok, I did a little editing, and changed the title... mod please change to match above on main title if you will. thanks. A love story started back last winter. It was a tale of two divergent forces...
  8. DW-Doug

    John Fred Young

    No more caffeine for this guy! LOL.
  9. DW-Doug

    Had I not heard it myself, I would not have believed it

    I was messing around with a guitar rhythm part on my looper, laid it down on my 32 track recorder. Added a lead track to it, and the lead track came out pretty decent, so I decided I wanted a little drums on it. Well, I didn't allow enough lead time to get to my big set in the back of the...
  10. DW-Doug

    UDD this week!

    These 2001 or 2002 Walnut Collectors DWs will be mine this week. :-) They came out of a studio, so they are in pretty darn great shape. I got to sample them. They need new heads which I mostly have I think. Well, maybe not the bass drum head, I may cut it out a little more and put a trim...
  11. DW-Doug

    Dug into the archives, Cream

    All parts by me: voice, rhythm, lead guitars, bass guitar, and drums. Recorded on Tascam 32 track recorder. It starts a little weak and pitchy on my voice, but it gets a little better. Other than a little bit of tempo issue, drums went pretty well on this piece. Fun but some work here. Of...
  12. DW-Doug

    BB King original Tribute Blues Ballad

    Removed Nobody seemed to care much about it, so hey, just take it down...
  13. DW-Doug

    Ok, been away from recording for a bit, rusty

    But I put together something today, I had to get back in. All parts by me. Drums, guitar (rhythm and lead) and bass. The title is befitting the song, it's a bit all over the place. That's art. Note the Istanbul and Meinl cymbals in use...
  14. DW-Doug

    Get off your drummer's throne and

    Yeah, I've had enough. Ok, the original post was something like get off your throne and post something. I thought guys weren't participating too much, but hey, what do I know. I'm blending back into the crowd now. I did just notice a nice google ad with lots of girls in bikinis, so I guess...
  15. DW-Doug

    Added DW 9000 bass Single today, NPD!

    New Pedal Day... I tried a cheaper but well made Gibralter, I could never get it adjusted so I felt like I could play it well. In a single 30-45 minute adjustment period, including learning about the pedal, I am already surpassing my play with the old pedal. The DW 9000 appears to be "all...
  16. DW-Doug

    New drum recording

    I'm not real satisfied with my guitar work, and some timing issuees here, but I got tired of futzing with this song, and am moving on. Near 7 minutes, what started out as a drum test solo.. I think it's my best recorded drum work yet. Drums, my new DW, except not my new second floor tom tom I...
  17. DW-Doug

    second DW floor tom comes tomorrow, cool!

    I managed to find a second floor tom, same size as my other one. I know, some may say, you should have got the smaller size. Well, no, I like larger drums just tuned differently. I like to drop tune the last floor tom to really add emphasis on the low end. I'm doing it now with my old set...
  18. DW-Doug

    What to do with a pair of 18" heavy crash made vintage Ziljian?

    What's a person to do? Well, give them a go as hi-hats, that's what I say!!! These were likely "Crash" cymbals, as in marching band with handles on them. Now they are one big a$$ set of hi-hats! The sound is huge! Also, no fans required as they move a lot of air in your face on the down...
  19. DW-Doug

    My DW Kit nears completion!

    5 piece Performance DW drums in Black Diamond, 22" bass, 10/12/16 toms, and a 6.5" wood Performance series snare. DW mounted tom Clamp on brackets for any stands used (cymbal most likely suspect) One 9500 DW Ride cymbal stand, 2 DW 5700 3 piece boom stands, and 2 DW 3700 2 piece boom stands...
  20. DW-Doug

    Vintage duct taped cow bell

    I have a vintage duct taped cow bell, that was duct taped in the early to mid-70s, and the tape is now setup like concrete, LOL. I don't know if I dare disturb it. Even though allowing the bell to ring a little might improve it? Maybe not, I guess I wanted a hard thud on it for some song from...